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Creative Carrah
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I am the Official Yuki Minamori (c)
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Full Name: Yuki Minamori
Meaning of name: Sweet Snow
Nickname: Yuki
Birth date: Nov 9


Age: 15
How old do you appear? 17 or 18
Eye Color: Purple
Glasses or contacts? Contacts
Weight: 125
Height: 5''7
Type of body/build: Slim and REALLY Busty (big boobs in other words x.x ) ;D
Skin tone: White
Skin type: Smooth and Clear
Distinguishing Marks: No
Predominant feature: Eyes
Hair color: Black with purple and blue streaks <3
Distinguishable hair feature (bald, receding hairline, etc.): N.A
Type of hair (coarse, fine, thick, etc?) Thick
Typical hairstyle: Emo yet cute, long
Are you healthy? Yes
If not, why not?
Physical disabilities: Can't run for long distances or times if so, i will run out of breath


Your favorite color? Purple
Your least favorite color? Pink
Favorite Music: Techno, Rock, Metal, Alt. Rock
Least favorite Music: Pop/Rap
Food: Turkey <3
Literature: House of Night Series
Expressions: Normally happy or content but if yelled at or made fun of, sad instintly
Favorite book: Tempted by P.C. and Kristen Cast
Expletives: ********, hell
Mode of transportation: Car
Daredevil or cautious? Inbetween
Same when alone? No


Smokes: Nope
What? N/A
When and how much? N/A

What? Water, Milk
When and how much?
When ever, a cup or 2

Hobbies: Drawing, Tennis, Singing, Being with friends, talking to my lover, in another state..
How do you spend a rainy day? Inside talking to my friends or boyfriend


Hometown: Orlando
Type of childhood: Sweet but bad when i lied.
First memory: Sitting on the couch watching my favorite show, Sailor Moon
Most important childhood event that still affects you? Death of my first dog, Blackie.
Why? First pets always affect you, especially if you were a little kid
Education: High School
Religion: Unitarian Universalist
Finances: Car


Mother: Mishia Minamori
Relationship with her: Good relationship, understanding

Father: Hisaki Minamori
Relationship with him: Don't talk much, not a good relationship

Siblings: N/A
How many? N/A
Birth order: N/A
Relationship with each:N/A
Children of siblings: N/A
Extended family? Grandma And cousin
Close? Not really
Why or why not? They live far away


Do you have children? No
How many children do you have? N/A
Are all children with the same partner? N/A
If no, Why? N/A
If no, what is the custody arrangement? N/A
How do you relate to your children? N/A
Which child is your favorite? N/A
Why?(admit it or not, we all have one) N/A
What is their most favorite memory of your children? N/A
Why? N/A
What is their least favorite memory of your children? N/A
Why? N/A
Is relationship with children important to you? N/A


Where do you work? A diner
For how long? 4:30pm-8pm
How do you feel about co-workers? They are okay, but i don't talk to them much, i make sure i do a good job.
Do you get along with co-workers? Yes
Do you like your job? Yeah, but it could be better
Why or why not? Food isn't what i likes.
What’s their dream job? Seismologist or Artist


What’s your greatest fear? Spiders, losing who i care about most.
Why? had a bad experience with a spider and doesn't take death well
What is the worst thing that could happen to you? Being kicked out of school
What single event would most throw your life in complete turmoil? House being on fire.
Why? Loss of memories...

You are most at ease when: i am drawing or talking to my bf
You are most ill at ease when: drama is occuring
Depressive or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? Yes
Priorities: Homework, School, then family and friends/boyfriend, then myself
Philosophy: Homework and school really is most important so that should come first
How you feel about yourself? I have a bad view on myself even though other people think im awesome or something
Past failure you would be embarrassed to have people know about: Trying to jump in a pool but hitting the concrete...
Why? How can anyone miss the water!?
If you were granted one wish, what would it be? To save the person I care about most
Why? I'd rather die then have people I care about die


What’s your greatest source of strength in your personality (whether you see it as such or not): Niceness/ Caring
What’s your greatest source of weakness in your personality (whether you sees it as such or not): Low Self-Esteem
What’s your soft spot? Sad movies D: if people die or like people are crying!
Is this soft spot obvious to others? Yes.. I cry haha
If not, how do you hide it? N/A
What’s your biggest vulnerability: Seeing others get hurt
Which of the 7 deadly sins do you fight (or give into, willingly or not)?(lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride) I never paid attention honestly...
Which of the 7 virtues do you have (or fight against)?
(chastity, abstinence, liberality, diligence, patience, kindness, humility) Kindness, abstinence, liberality, diligence, patience


Are you optimist or pessimist? Both depending on the situation
Why? Optimist about others, pessimist about myself
Are you Introvert or extrovert? Both
Why? Introvert when i meet new people, extrovert when i'm with friends
What are your drives and motivations? College, not getting pregnant or disease, keeping a long lasting relationship, having people be kind to me
What are your talents? Drawing, Earth Science
What are you extremely skilled at? Drawing
What are you extremely unskilled at? Track, Social Studies...
What are your good characteristics? Being nice, pretty, friendly, understanding, loving, caring, determined, patient
What are your flaws? Low Self-Esteem, Helping people TOO MUCH
Mannerisms: i draw to pay attention, move hands or feet if i have no drawing supplies in order to stay focused
Peculiarities: Laughing at stupid jokes, getting along well with the science and art teacher
What’s your biggest regret? Lying to my best friend...
What are some of your minor regrets? Not doing chores, not turning in a homework paper
What’s your biggest accomplishment? Getting into an art show and Student Council! And meeting Dahvie Vanity, most amazing singer ever!
What are some of your minor accomplishments? getting A's or B's on a project, making a lot of money in my job
What’s your darkest secret? Missing a friend that I should probably hate...
Does anyone else know? 1 or 2 people, thats it
If yes, did you tell them? yes
If no, how did they find out? N/A


One word you would use to describe yourself: Weird
What do you consider your best physical characteristic? Arms, tennis helps! ;D
What do you consider your worst physical characteristic? Legs, i cant run fast!!!
Are these realistic assessments? Yes.
If not, why not?
How do you think others perceive you? Really weird, strange.. maybe cool, idk
What four things would you most like to change about yourself? (#1 most important, #2 second most important, etc.)
1. To care more about myself then i do...
2. To Help others more
3. Be a better person
4. Be able to run better!
Why? These are all things i need to work on....
If change #1 was made, would you be as happy as you think? Yes
If not, why not?


Are you divorced? No
Why? N/A
If divorced, how many times? N/A
Have you ever cheated on your significant other? NO!
How do you relate to others? We like the same things, we are all human, nice, like the same style, etc.
How are you perceived by...Strangers? it truly depends on how they are.. who they are...
Friends? they know my background, they listen..most of the time
Wife/Husband/Lover? He knows who i am, truly, and always listens to me
Hero/Heroine? My bf, he sticks up for me, and cheers me up on those gloomy days, he wont let me quit
How do you view your hero/heroine? Sweet, Charming, understanding, Kind, Dedicated
First impression: Good looking and kind
Why? Well.. he was good looking and his face had a certain kind of kindness.. i couldn't describe
What happens to change this perception? nothing
What do family/friends like most about you? How kind and pretty i am.. i guess
What do family/friends like least about you? My self esteem...


What are your immediate goals? To get good grades and stay nice
What are your long range goals? To go to college
How do you plan to accomplish these goals? Just do what i do, be kind, help, and do well in school
How will other people around you be affected? im sure they'll be happy


How do you react in a crisis? Cry, i let it all out
How do you face problems? talk about it, draw
What kind of problems do you usually run into? losing a friend, bad grade, drama that i dont want to be involved in..
How do you react to NEW problems? talk about it, i try to fix them
How do you react to change? fairly well, not good at first but i get over it fast


What’s your favorite clothing? Punk/ emo clothing
Why? I love the look
What’s your least favorite clothing? Pink, preppy crap...
Why? I just hate it!!!
Jewelry: Studded bracelet, choker
Other accessories: Arm warmers, Fishnet stockings
What do you drive? Saturn ion
Where do you live? Orlando, FL
Where do you want to live? Idk
Spending habits (frugal, spendthrift, etc): umm, varies
Why? It really depends on the store and items
What do you do too much of? Drawing
Too little of? Spending time with family
What’s your most prized possession? My journal
Why? 1. it has drawings of mine 2. i have pictures and memories in it
Do you play musical instrument? Yes
Which? Guitar and Keyboard
How did you learn? I taught myself


Who’s the person you secretly admire? Takashi Minamori (I use his last name!)
Why? I don't secretly admire him.. but he is my boyfriend..
Who’s the person you were most influenced by? Dahvie Vanity
Why? He doesn't give a ******** what people think about him, i wish i could be a little more like that someday
Who’s the most important person in your life? I can't choose..
Why? soo many people are important to me, its hard to choose just 1

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