Well, my Ninja Avitar is finaly compleate. Lets take a look at what it's made of.
Hocky Mask: 500 gold
Guitar of Demona: 12,000 gold
Black Goth Boots-M: 550 gold
Black Muskateer Top: 11,000 gold
Ice Gauntlet (x2): 1,400 gold
Zorro Mask: 1,500 gold
Steel-Plate Ninja Headband: 45,000 gold
Radicool Blackout Trim Top: 891 gold
Lunar Cowl: 5,000 gold
Black GetaGRIP pants: 3,985 gold
Total Value: 81,826 gold.

I'd rather have the Nitemare Scarf to cover the face than the Hocky Mask, but thats 500,000 gold as compared to the mask I got for free. Infact, if you subtract the stuff I was able to barter for, the whole thing cost me 64,326 gold.