For my first entry, I'm going to post a poem that I'm thinking of submitting here. It's a sonnet and it is prettty depressing, huh? I'll try to lighten up next time. I hope I don't suck too badly smile


Regrets that always sadden and linger
They wake me up when theth clock strikes three.
They never cease to make me feel sadder,
While invoking bittersweet memories,
Causing me to ponder if I am sane.
If I’d only taken those chances
When I first began my ascent to fame
And cast aside painful hindrances.
Since I tossed away my one true belove,
Nothing can bring the lost connection back,
Even though I repent my past actions.
The pain in my chest is as sharp as a tack.

My soul wearily trudges on inside,
Will time fill the black hole that presides?