Oh, wah. I haven't posted a journal in such a long time. 3 months almost..? Crazy, I know.

Well, life has been filled with - video games, an easy job, reading manga and being with friends. This summer has been the best in almost 2 years, really.

So, I still haven't talked to my mom since the day I got my stuff just about 4 months ago. I lurk around her Facebook page and seeing the crap she says, leers me away from wanting to confront her to try and make things better. I miss my little sisters like crazy. Can't stop talking about them, even though I think I drive my grandma crazy. I can't help yet. I LOVED the first few weeks away from my mother's claws. Free to do what I wanted, did things on my own time and just relaxed. After the freedom feeling wore off, I started to miss my little munchkins even more. Yea, they get on my nerves but that's what siblings do. I just don't know what to do anymore, I honestly don't..

On a lighter note, I finally got me a "new" PSP. Yea, it's used. But I got lucky and got a mint condition system. Screen is a little scratched but so was my other one before it was smashed to pieces. [not literally.] I've been playing Crisis Core and Dissidia. Loving every minute of it! Currently waiting for FFVIII to download. Gonna need another memory stick though, only because I got a 2 GB card. Next time I'll have to get an 8 GB so I can continue to DL PS1 classics~ These are times I wished I still HAD my PS1, even though I just got rid of my PS2..

The art relam hasn't been treating me nicely.. I've been on a bit of a block lately. It's been a while since I've drawn anything. Speaking of, I need to work with my tablet.

Whelp, I think that's all for now, folks. Not like anyone reads this anyways.