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angel_of_chaos321's Journal

Prom Night Baby
Community Member
Yea, I haven't used this in a long time

Anyways, I think the biggest thing to happen to me so far was
Moving form Canada to America
And getting Red highlights
Which I love BTW.

I'll put up some picture soon.

Right now life is so boring. And yeah... I have nothing else to say.

Prom Night Baby
Community Member

Prom Night Baby
Community Member
Tell me what you think please.
PLease read it and tell me what yoy think.

I saw you again today
And we started talking
Just like we used to
But it wasn't the same

I passed you in the hall today
But sent no smile your way
I didn't feel good inside
When I looked your way
Not today, it wasn't the same

You used to fill me with such joy
I would talk to you everyday
And even though you were distracting
You were welcome to come my way

I stayed away
For awhile
But it was hard
Or talk to you
Some days

I spoke
In just the way
I used to

But something
Was different
Something was wrong.
Something new was present
Something strange

Instead of feeling happy
I started feeling sick
Not physically
But emotionally
Which was worse

We did not talk
The same today
We'll never speak
In that old way
Ever again
I am afraid

Because this time
A fear was there
This time
A guard was there
That both of us
Are too scared
To break

And I will weep
For all the happiness
This will take away
It will never

Quiz result
<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/X/XX/XXA/XxArisaXx/1128038282_l_girl_p02.jpg" border="0" alt="just making people happy"><br>Your soul purpose on this Earth is to make other<br>people happy. You must put aside your problems<br>and focus your time and energy in making sure<br>the people around you aren't suffering alone.<br>That doesn't necessarily mean you have to put<br>all your sweat and blood into it, I do realize<br>that sometimes you're gonna have to be selfish<br>and self-centered. That's just a part of being<br>human. But you do care alot about people, which<br>will only make it easier on yourself to fulfill<br>your purpose. Just smiling at a stranger is<br>sometimes just enough to completely change the<br>way their day truns out. What you do doesn't<br>have to be so big, actually, it's the simple<br>things that matter most. Or it should be. And<br>you don't have to put so much effort into<br>finding certain people to help. I believe that<br>fate is gonna have them come to you. Just keep<br>an eye open for when that person does cross<br>your path. <br>can.

Prom Night Baby
Community Member

Prom Night Baby
Community Member
How I feel right now...
I wanted someone to love me....
I wanted a home i could go to and be loved....
I wanted someone to welcome me with a smile....
Someone who would want to listen to my words;
No matter how silly they were or are.
All i wanted was someone to love me
That was all I really wanted...
They all hate me....
I've seen the look in their eye's and they hate me....
I don't want to be hated;
I never did anything to make them hate me
But they do....
Please...Please don't hate me too...

I have been spending less time on gaia which is making my quest for demon horns even harder. Plus after school i have vollyball. Which i suck at. I can't seem to volly the damn ball. Stupid a** teachers arn't helping the team at all.

Also my friends sister is trowing my friend a suprise party for her b-day today but i can't go because my stupid parents are like no don't go we will do something today. Like i want to do anything with them. Boring much? And to make matters worse we arn't doing anything. We are just sitting around waiting for the damn satilite guy.

Prom Night Baby
Community Member

Prom Night Baby
Community Member
Schools back :'(
I am offically annoyed of school. And it's only the second day. At first is was great because i got to sit close to my friends, but then i was moved. gonk Stupid teacher! She made me sit beside the new kid. He makes strange sounds! OMG! I'm half asleep and i'm trying to stay awake to listen to what ever my teacher was trying to say. He starts oinking like a pig softly and starts to bang around his desk. Wtf. I wanted to slap b***h slap him and i would have done it if the bell hadn't rang. Also they changed our 6 periods to 8 periods. How annoying! Plus we have french everyday first period because my teacher is one of the schools french teachers.

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by mad CatAngelx

Prom Night Baby
Community Member

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