Chapter 6:

-He’s waking up.-said a voice that became clearer by the second-Check his vitals.

-All is well Doctor.

-Good. Bring in the men, tell them their friend is awakening.

-Yes doctor.

Gilbert slowly regains conscience and sits ********…

Snake and Colonel walk in the room.-You okay?-asked Colonel.

-How did you guys find me?

-I left my whiskey in the cave- Snake said with a smile.

-Thanks for saving me…both of you.-said Gilbert with pure sincerity

-Yeah…but what will you do now?-asked Colonel.

Gilbert stood from the patient’s bed-I guess I’ll find life out here. We can hang together?-he suggested.

Snake and Colonel looked at each other and they headed off.

In the upcoming years the three friends made a mark all around the Mojave. Helping the needy, hunting the criminals, and slowly getting respect from people like The Kings and the Followers of the Apocalypse. They settled down in The Tops casino in the Strip, and the three men managed a lot of deals with the Gun Runners and the Crimson Caravan. The NCR didn’t mess with them since Snake had helped them a lot in the past, Jacobstown was also very friendly to them. They were known all over the Mojave. Everyone thought they were about a thousand people but they were just three. Freeside loved them, Westside loved them. The Thorn was a usual hangout for Snake, especially since he had a crush on the boss of The Thorn, Red Lucy. After The Ultra Luxes’…”food problem” was solved, they dined a lot in their luxurious dining hall. Snake and Colonel helped the NCR take down the Jackals and the Vipers. They worked on the Great Khans problem as well as possible. But a greater evil was approaching from Colorado…an evil that will affect all of the Mojave Wasteland.