For Reasons Unknown, I don't Quest for myself. I don't make plans. I try to stay ahead of "The Game", but always keep myself in the present. Always. "Tomorrow is not promised."
stare Yeah?
scream Neither is your next breath!! *sucks air out of your lungs with vaccuum*
stare Wittisize me now, Asshat.

Back to the point... To me, having a Dream Avi is like trying to create your "perfect"... stare other. I don't believe in it. There are just too many ******** possibilities out there to just stick with one boring, once amazing, avitar or plan in Life, yes?
xd Nice transition, Ooms.
stare *runs you over with van*
scream Deadies can't blink!!

So, what happens when you reach your Life Goal, your Dream Avi, and find your "perfect" match? stare I can't say this without showing pessimism, but... rolleyes die. The Story ends. Nobody wants to read about the lead hero buying groceries or reading his favorite book. After the action, there is a lull. For some, the lull is Life. *shrugs* It's not the hand you were dealt, but how you're playing your cards. Do something with your Life. Quit thinking about your future and live for now.

My Aunt was explaining to me about some movie where some guy said he always read the last page of a book first, in case he died before finishing the book.
eek talk2hand There're so many things wrong with that, but I'll stick to the main point, along with the most comical. wink

She also mentioned, sticking to the last page first theory, that some eat their dessert first... stare case they die before making it to the dessert. Well, I've got a theory to snuff that out...

stare What if the dessert is poisoned?