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Waking up, her head pounding like a drum, Chloe saw Jo, Tristian and Sam the bar man crowding around her, Jo looked worried, Tristian was smirking and Sam looked paniced.
"Chloe! what happened?" Jo shot at Chloe, who sighed automatically in responce. She looked for Zeb but he was swiftly moving towards the exit. Leaping up, although it made her head kill, Chloe muttered
"Um gotta go to the loo." and sprinted after him. Grabbing his hand intentionally this time, she turned him to face her. He was a deep red, an angry red, and defientely fuming.

"What are you?" Chloe asked, sounding like and idiot. Zeb Frowned and growled
"Never you mind." he retorted, making Chloe raise an eyebrow
"Never you mind? come off it, you kiss me just to test whether your a good kisser and then i find you have fangs and a forked tongue. You owe me answers as an apology." she commanded, fuming as well.
"No." he said, turning on his heel and exiting through the fire door, slamming it behind him.

Ranning at full pelt, Chloe followed him. When cool air hit her face she was dissapointed to find Zeb had dissapeared. Sighing and putting her hands on her hips, Chloe looked around for him. Venturing down a dark alley which was only one hundred meters away from the exit, Chloe tripped over something, something wet and warm. Muttering and rubbing her arm wehre it had hit the ground at a bad angle, Chloe looked round to see what had tripped her. For the second time that day she screamed.

Chloe was stunned when he held tight onto her hand, a curious look crossing his face. "How can you care for your friend so much?" he asked, all hatred gone from his tone although he gritted his teeth slightly. Chloe, taken off guard by the question, asnwered honestly
"She is my friend, you're meant to care for your friends,t hats what friends are." she said, confused how he could think she would do anything any diffrent.
"But you do not like my brother, why do you encourage her?" he asked.
"She likes him, its up to her who she makes and who she doesn't." Chloe sighed, why was she even bothering to tell this hateful person this. He still hadn't dropped her hand.
"Makes...? what do you mean?" he asked, obviously not up to date with the latest sayings.
"It means who she makes out with, who she kisses, snogs, ect." she explained.

Suddenly, as unexpected as the wind, Chloe felt Zeb on her, his lips brushing hers, a deep fire ignigting with in her, changing her soul. Startled as she was, Chloe kissed this strange person back, then pulled back, shocked at her reaction.
"Did you mean that?" he inquired as if he had done soemthing completely ordinary.
"Yes, but you didn't need to deminstart ie, but i dont mean you weren't good its just. Grr, my point is you can't just kiss people!" she yelled at him. managing to only let him hear.
"Oh." he said blankly.

Sighing, Chloe asked the obvious "Why did you kiss me?" tilting her head, Chloe looked at him, waiting for her answer.
"Felt like it." he said honestly, although it seemed there was something more.
"God you are so rude." she groaned and turned on her heel and walked away from him, but he pulled her hand and her along with it so she was in his arms.
"I kissed you wrong?" he asked, looking hurt and worried, as if it was such a big deal.
"No, you are a good kisser, but thats beside the point. you cant just kiss people you do not love, or have just met for that matter." she explained exasperated.
"Oh." he repeated. Then, taking her off her gaurd once again, he leant in to her and kissed her more gently this time, a deeper, even mroe soul changing kiss. Chloe felt like she was having her DNA altered, her bones went numb, her muscels felt warm, she felt like an intierly diffrent person. Then she screamed. Her tongue had gone on and adventure, fueled by the deepness of the kiss and had found that his tongue was forked, his teeth were all spiked and jagged. Blackness engulfed her as she fainted, to shocked to continue.

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