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Demon's little Rants of Hell
Ah... Just some ranting when my days are... usual, which for others would be sucky.
I don't really believe anyone will read this, nor do I care. I needed a place away from certain people to vent.

I'm having a lot of trouble. I hate how my life is completely gone. I'm not me, I'm KELLY! She stole it. And she does it 5 times better. At least... that's what everyone says. It's no longer MY life, it's KELLY'S life. And I'm just copying it. Well... I'm not. She copies my life, and never ever gives me credit. Dancing was all my idea, yet somehow, it's become all HER idea in the eyes of everyone. I was the one with a fedora, but somehow every time I wear mine, I'm wearing hers. And the Free Hugs idea? It was mine. Interesting how when I came up with it, shortly after she happen to have the same idea. And when I tried telling her all she was doing was copying my idea, she flipped and insisted she never knew anything about it. I want it back. I wanna be my own person again! I don't want to be a Kelly stand in anymore, and I'm sick of people calling me Kelly! I'm sick of people getting close to me because I remind them of Kelly! The videos were my ideas! Not hers, MINE! At the beginning of the year I talked about how I was going to make a video for the end of the year and she said it was a good idea, that she would do one too. And she finished hers, but I have yet to finish mine. In fact, I'm far from done. But now when I make mine, everyone will look at me and think I was just "copying" Kelly. I'm my own ******** person! I've had enough! I'm SUZIE, not KELLY! I hate it when people ask me out as the Second Choice, because they couldn't have Kelly. Everyone looks at me and thinks, "Kelly, only dumber". Yes. I'm not very smart or witty or pretty and I'm never really considered until Kelly passes them up. What pisses me off the most is she has the ******** GALL to say that she's not pretty or anything. I like her, but I'm tired of her stealing my life and being better at it. I try to explain this to her and she just turns it on me. One of these days I'm going to snap and hit her. She has no idea how great she has it! Being popular and loved! And to top that off, her parents actually are PROUD of her! My mom wishes I was out of her life for good. I know she does because she's TOLD ME! And I can't ever talk to Kelly or Kibbles, because then they just turn it around on me later and make fun of me, even though it hurts me a lot.

I hate this life and I want it all to change. I wanna be SUZIE, not KELLY. I wish I never went to this school and sometimes I even wish I had never met Kelly.


We will miss you so, Johnny K Gambino!

Thank you for the Donations to make my dream avi a reality!!! ^__^
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