So...yeah...Kev's supposed to come back soon from his Passover trip. I miss him, but, I know he'll be back so I'm not crying. lol. Wow...sounded a little obsessive there. yeah...I guess...what ev. You can think whatever you want, I'm just here.

my fav. phrase.

Anyway, I hope we stay together for a few years...I'd actually like to spend forever with him but that's just me, and that's waaaaaaaay too far into the future to even say that, but it's nice to dream isn't it?

Yeah...what a beautiful day today was...I don't even know why I even write in here when nobody reads these things anyway. I mean, it's not like anyone's gonna care about what goes on in my life. And I'm not putting a sign saying "READ MY JOURNAL!" that'd be corny and weird. Huh....I should do it...just to be different. lol....naw....wishful thinking.

"You paint my grey days YELLOW."

and yes...I spell grey that way and only that way.