it's been a while since i posted in this thing, but it's the most immediate outlet i have for these feelings right now

being called it is not okay
being asked to be called it is not okay

i understand that everyone has the right to have their pronouns respected and i will always stand by their side in this case, but wishing to be called 'it' is not asserting agency, but denying humanity in its entirety

i have been called it in so many cases and it has totally demoralized and dehumanized me to the point of it being compounded stress and trauma

being called it or seeing others being called it, even if in jest, triggers me in a way that having my question integrity could never
it borders on an intense panic attack that, luckily, i managed to abate due to the tools i have at my disposal
but that does not mean it is okay to call others it, no matter if they request it

because wishing to be called it or being called it completely tears down the founded importance of not objectifying a person. it strips them of their existence as being that can form consent, and saying that others who wish to be called it and having that denied also strips them of such autonomy is a horrid strawman that borders on virulent and irresponsible

as a person who has gender dysphoria, i understand all this too well. too. damn. well. i am not the only one who feels this way. please do not call others it. please do not let yourself be called it. please do not abandon your humanity, even if you do not wish to be coupled with it due to how horrid humanity can be.

because in the end, you are defecting yourself from the primary support system you could ever truly exercise by 'othering' yourself, and 'othering' yourself is not the way to go. we must stand strong, and not allow others to objectify us.

it is not the way.