Because I'm too lazy to put it on my profile.

Alright, to start of with. . . my name is Ruby. I am biracial -- Filipino and African-American.
I was born in Japan, but I'm not Japanese although that would be cool ;] I'm a sophomore now,
and focusing more on art.

I want to be some sort of game animation artist or one of those people working behind movies
like Tekkon Kinkreet, Howl's Moving Castle, etc. It may be a hard dream, kind of, but I'll give
it a shot.

I'm a gamer, owning 70 games on the ps2 and starting my Wii collection. I hope to own the ps3
and the Nintendo DS. [Nintendo 3DS when it comes out] First things first, when I get a Nintendo
DS, I'm am so buying a Pokemon game. . . it's been forever since I've played one of the new ones.

I listen to mostly acoustic, deathcore, techno, and nintendocore music. A weird mixture, but
that's just me. I can listen to basically anything though -- it depends on my mood.

Hmmm. . . my favorite saying would have to be Hakuna Matata. It means no worries, for the rest
of your days [Lion King =D]. I never really thought about it as much, but that phrase really means
a lot to me. It tells me that I shouldn't worry about bothersome things, and just go on with life.

Well, if you managed to read all this, then you know at least a little bit more about me. You'll have
to talk to me to get to know more ;]