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the tales of striker
Lyander, Paladin of the Morninglord Lathander
Name: Lyander Goldd
Race: Human
Alignment:Lawful Good
Deity: Lathander the Morninglord. God of Good, Nobility, Protection, Renewal, Strength, and the Sun.
Time of prayer: Early-morning, sun-rise.
Appearance when not in armor: The man is of good build, showing that he worked hard honing his muscles and body, also showing that he cares about what he does. He stands to 6'1" and weighs 180lbs even. Light blonde hair and dark blue eyes adorn his head and make him look very manly.
Holy plate armor (Enchanted):
This plate armor was enchanted specially for Lyander, even though it has many of the same wards and enchantments that most paladin armor is enchanted with. The armor is full golden plate, covering his arms and legs as well as his chest and back. On the chest piece of his armor a golden lionhead juts out for decoration and serves no purpose except maybe extra space between the armor and his chest if something were to hit there. For his helmet it's a simple helmet that points out where his face is and is rounded on the top with small metallic pieces melded to it that look like miniature wings. The enchantments on the armor reduce the effects of darkness and anything evil and gives him a slight buffer to strength and stamina. Also makes the armor lighter and easier to wear for long periods.

Mace of Might:
This mace looks exactly like a normal mace with just a few differences. The ball of the mace is enchanted with buffers that allow it to hit through the hardest of substances if hit right, however the only disadvantage to the weapon is the short reach and therefore leaves the paladin in close range to take hits from his opponent. Lyander's second choice of weapon after his long sword.

Sword of Lighting
The sword was given the name after it was enchanted by the Wizard's of the town where Lyander went through his training and acceptance of a Paladin. The sword gives off a glow when in the darkness due to the enchantment and deals more damage to anything that isn't holy. Due to it being one-handed, it allows Lyander to wield it while wearing a buckler, and also means that it is quick. It's a standard looking longsword made of mythril.

Buckler of Enhanced protection:
Lyander's buckler was also enhanced just to make sure that it didn't break or splinter when it got hit and absorbed blows, which was another reason for enchantment. The enhancement of the shield can absorb most damage from a lot of ranged attacks and gives moderate damage protection against melee attacks, but mage attacks are dangerous to attempt to block with the shield. Made of iron and strong wood.

Ring of Restoration:
The only and very simple task of this ring is to make Lyander's healing 25% faster if the wounds are not fatal.

Paladin abilities:

Healing Touch:
When in close contact with a person who is wounded, or with his own wound, Lyander can touch the wound and call forth his holy abilities to heal it if the wound is not too grave.

Scorching Light:
From the palm of his gloved hand he shoots for a ray of light that blinds a normal opponent or burns the flesh of undead and other creatures of darkness such as vampires, zombies, demons, and fiends.

Create Food:
When not under pressure he is able to create food for adventures if he ever runs short. An ability not intended for battle.

Negate darkness:
When this ability is activated he gains more resistance to darkness, also increasing the resistance that his plate armor already gives him. A good ability for fighting creatures who are dependent on dark magics and skills.

Healing Ray:
Much like the healing touch, he calls upon holy abilities to heal the wounds of himself and his allies, however this one can be used at a distance so is better in the midst of combat.

A blast of holy aura assails the target, causing burning and temporary blindness if undead. If not of undead, it would only cause slight agitation and and possibly temporary blindness.

Minor Shield:
This ability is good when being assualted at long range. It creates an invisible barrier that only lasts a few minutes or a few shots of magic or arrows and thrown items. A strong physical attack can shatter it in one blast.

Grant Vigor:
Chanting words of power, he and all of his allies suddenly feel stronger, faster, and fatigue is replaced with a sense and burst of energy. It only lasts momuntarily, but can sometimes be the turning point of the battle.

Bubble of Silence:
He basically surrounds himself in a bubble that allows no sound to enter and no sound to exit. It can be useful if a lot is happening and he does not wish to be deterred by hearing the noise.

As a child, Lyander grew up as an orphan on the streets watching people get treated badly and killed each and every day. When he seen such acts, he kept telling himself that one day he would become a paladin or something of the sort, someone that could help and provide peace and kindness to all who need it.

Needless to say, Lyander completed that goal on his twentieth birthday when he accomplished by passing his tests and getting out of the training academy for Paladins. He then traveled from place to place, going wherever things went bad, hoping to help all that he possibly could, thus far leaving his story open.

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