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Sometimes I think YOU'RE the only one that gets me Diary...you're my BEST friend. ;D

XD (Dear diary...Mood? Apathetic.)
Journal Entry 8 (Sleep Well My Dear...)
My beloved Baby,

You are free. Free to do anything you want now. We buried you tonight along with our old dog BJ. [[That is his name and if you make fun of it, I swear to God I will NEVER talk to you again. And I mean it!]] BJ's ashes have been in a sealed wooden box since he passed on, and we only thought it wise to bury you with him. Though I put on a strong front for my grandma, who was practically bawling when my dad started digging your grave, I felt the urge to collapse on my knees and pray. Pray to God that you live a happy life in the skies, the place where all birds long to be. To soar high above us and watch the world as it's creator's messenger. You will forever be in my heart, and I cherish the moments we've had. The good, the bad, the obnoxious, all of it. I will NEVER forget them, and I just wanted you to know that. I will visit your grave every day and talk to you. Get down on my knees and pray. Maintain the garden we plant around the two of you, and play music with birds chirping in the background. That always made you want to chirp ever so loudly, and it had come to my realization that I can never whistle in my room again without crying, because every time I started whistling, you'd join in. Now, thinking of how much I'd be able to do that in peace, would not let me be in it if you're at peace.

Baby, I love you. Have a happy life beyond the clouds, and I will meet you again somehow...

...somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

Journal Entry 7 (Sunflower Seeds R.I.P.)
Dear sweet Baby...the day before you left my life, I had gone to the Dollar Store with my parents...and yours, after dinner. I bought some things, and purchased a bag of unsalted roasted sunflower seeds. I don't eat those willingly, but I knew you did, and so I got a bag for us to share. Who would have thought that the next morning you would be gone, and that bag would never be shared.

So I had a thought. I have to bury you this Thursday. I shall bury you under the magnolia tree. In the box we have placed your soft body in, I will open the bag of seeds and pour them in with you. That way, I can't say I never bought them for you. Take them with you in Heaven. I hope you enjoy them my dear.

I love you so much. I shall give you a heart for every day I've thought of you.

Tuesday; May 25, 2010 heart
Wednesday; May 26, 2010 heart
Thursday; May 27, 2010 heart
Friday; May 28, 2010 heart
Saturday; May 29, 2010 heart
Sunday; May 30, 2010 heart
Monday; May 31, 2010 heart
Tuesday; June 1, 2010 heart
Wednesday; June 2, 2010 heart
Thursday; June 3, 2010 heart
Friday; June 4, 2010 heart
Saturday; June 5, 2010 heart
Sunday; June 6, 2010 heart
Monday; June 7, 2010 heart
Tuesday; June 8, 2010 heart
Wednesday; June 9, 2010 heart
Thursday; June 10, 2010 heart
Friday; June 11, 2010 heart
Saturday; June 12, 2010 heart
Sunday; June 13, 2010 heart
Monday; June 14, 2010 heart
Tuesday; June 15, 2010 heart
Wednesday; June 16, 2010 heart
Thursday; June 17, 2010 heart
Friday; June 18, 2010 heart

Journal Entry 6 (R.I.P. Baby 5-25-10)

Words cannot even begin to describe just exactly what I'm feeling. You were so small and full of life when I first got you, you had no idea what your future with me would be like. I took care of you, fed you, cleaned your cage when you needed it, loved you...like any owner would love her pet. You were like no other pet I've ever had. You stayed with me in my room every day, and sometimes, I would even get anxious to remove you because you were always being so loud and obnoxious whenever I was playing music or tried to sleep. You'd just keep chirping away, and I thought it was so antagonizing...but now that you've forever left my side, I long to hear your beautiful chirp. The kissing sounds you made when I press your beak to my cheeks. The playful biting you'd give me on my fingertips when I stuck my fingers near your face. The hissing you made whenever my dad would come near you, and the blood you drew on his fingers when he got too close, would forever be gone. Lost in a world unknown to the living, but living in a world know to the lost. Never again will I be able to feel your soft grey feathers on my skin, nor the sharpness of your claws when they weren't clipped. I'd laugh whenever I'd leave the room and find you hanging on one of my anime wall scrolls chirping loudly for the whole house to hear. I'd get up on my bed and grab you ever so gently with both of my hands, grasping your tiny body with such care as to not hurt you in any way. It has come to my attention that the more the years grew on our connection with one another, the less time I spent giving you attention, and for that, I am sorry. I am so so sorry. The last time a close pet of ours died was by my own hands. My own ungrasping hands. And it was you who was there when it all happened. The reason for her death was because I was worried about you flying off my shoulder and hurting yourself. I brought you downstairs, thus making that the last day I saw our beloved pet Ching the rabbit. Our very first ever rabbit. And now, my very first ever pet bird, Baby, you are now in a place far from my reach. I know you're up there looking down upon me with those small black beady eyes, twisting your little yellow and orange head from side to side making faint chirping sounds as I make sudden movements that surprised you. Baby, my sweet sweet bird, I love you with all my heart. I will miss you when I leave home, I will miss you when I leave high school, and I will think of you every day when I stare alone in my room on my bed at your empty cage. Never again will it be used, I will clean it to perfection, and keep Grandma Kathy's ring inside your food dish so the two of you will always be together. Together forever up in that special lost paradise they call Heaven. Please, I beg of you, be happy. Not just for your sake, but for mine as well. Live on the rest of your afterlife days in the skies with joy and long-lasting fullfillment of finding someone who will comfort you up there until I am by your side once again.

Love now and forever, your owner since eight years of age, Becky.

Journal Entry 5 (Under a tree on a park bench...)
User Image

I would sit under a tree on a park bench. I would sit and reflect on my life as I watch the children play with their dogs. Throwing the frisbee, I watch this one little girl say "Thank you lady" as she runs off with that plastic toy. Children are so innocent and fragile...it kills you knowing that when they are gone, the world just doesn't seem right anymore.

I am eighteen and waiting for something meaningful in my life to happen. Something special to happen with my special someone. School for me will be out in May, and Senior Week and Prom will be right around that next corner.

Looking back on my last four years of school, I realize how far in life I have gotten. How many friends I have made, how many I have lost. It makes me sad to know that one day I may never see half of them again. We are all the graduating class of 2010, and to see the people I nearly grew up with leave me is depressing in on itself.

Life is cruel, beautiful, vile, and disgustingly amazing. We take advantage of it's endless possiblities because once happiness is stolen, it may never find it's way back.

I'm Rebecca, and my story is one of special love...

Journal Entry 4 (Happy Birthday DLV!)
User Image
Oh to be able to tell you all about the day I went to Dobbin's Island with several other friends to celebrate a birthday, it was so much fun.

Ok. So here's how it all went down. It was a sunny Sunday morning when we left for our boat (driven by the nervous wreck of the birthday boy XD) to a small "privately-owned" island known as Dobbin's Island.
The island itself was already full of people once we'd arrived, but before that we were having enough fun as it stood just enjoying the ride. The boat was nice, and the water was just too amazing. At one point and another and more, the boat jumped OFF the water because we were hitting some REALLY choppy waves. Man did birthday boy get anxious. Poor thing was such a nervous wreck. But he was a GOOD DRIVER. ;3

This is a picture I took WHILE THE BOAT WAS MOVING at like 60 mph. XD ...and do you see that?! Perfectly straight! (unlike me) Lol. IDK how I got a picture like THIS, but I did, and I'm very proud of it. It's obviously a lighthouse we passed once we'd gotten halfway to Dobbin's.
User Image
Once we got to Dobbin's Island, we had to swim our cooking gear and belongings to the shores on a raft. XD Long story short, our docking area was far out because the boat would have floated ashore if we got too close. Man did THAT ever take the energy right outta me; it was brutal.
Now here comes a part you will ALL laugh at. We were swimming in the water, and me and two other of my friends engaged in a mud fight. Yes. That's right. We were swimming in the disgustingly-polluted waters of the Chesapeake Bay flinging mud all around. At one point, we mushed it in our hair and skin, and pretended to take a shower. We used it like shampoo, it was hilarious, because one of my friends GOT UP out of the water and walked all the way around the other side of the island to show the rest of the party her gorgeous do. XD
Once we got back, we all headed over to birthday boy's house (I'm using that as a sub for his real name because I don't want to use his real name w/o permission.) and had a mini party there. An hour later, everyone had gone home, and we prepared for school for the next day. God was I sore; but I had fun, so it was worth it. Totally.

Journal Entry 3 (Earleigh Heights Carnival)
User Image

Let me tell you about the time we payed the Earleigh Heights Carnival a visit over the Summer of 2009.

Me, and many others for a friend of mine's "suprise" party (Yes Mary ... we were shocked to find out you KNEW about it...-stares at you-) went to the carnival later that evening. I rode quite a few daring rides and I convinced even my boyfriend to ride The Street Fighter which is a ride with a set of four sections in a circle that seats five people each. It spins around and around and swings side to side like a pendulum higher and higher each time. The next thing you know, you'r face is about 50 feet in the air or more and you're at an acute angle of atleast 70 or 75 degrees. (For those math wizzes that can picture that in your head, that's easy. >w&lt wink Another ride I went on was The Zipper and it's a ride that I'm sure you are all aware of. It's in the shape of a pill, very oblong and with rounded edges, and it spins you around 360 degrees lifting you up in the air. *Note* The sets of seats that seat two people swing freely as the base of the ride moves and lifts you up high off the ground. You literally have to hold on for dear life, even though the seats are caged. I also rode some Bumper Cars. Yes we took some pictures here and there, but I think some of the friends I went with may have more. I only took pictures of the sunset. It was absolutely the most beautiful sunset I'd ever seen. Actually...scratch that, the SECOND most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. I was once coming home from the supermarket with my mom and grandma, and I looked out the car window and there it was...this bright, dark orange and red-tinted circle that was practically kissing the horizon. It was so breathtaking. It didn't give off any orange aura, it was just a bright circle, and I was absolutely stunned. I literally was speechless, and for a moment there, my heart had skipped a beat like when you fall in love for the first time. It was at that moment that I had made up my mind. I want to be a Photographer.

Journal Entry 2 (Window)
User Image

Next to my bed,
A window there is.
I look out, and see the setting sun.
Nothing but the sun
Gives me warmth.
The coldness of being caged, the warmth of the world at my fingertips.
To look out and see what's in store,
It's worth while;
An amazingly breathtaking value life is.
We take for granted it's gifts and values.
What would we ever do if we lost our freedom?
That's what we ponder...in our room by a window.

Journal Entry 1 (A little bit of what I do...)
Ok...so in Photography class, I was able to print out these four pictures on glossy paper. It's amazing, because I've been told they look professional. That makes me really happy, because I am very dedicated in my work.

This is a picture of my Magnolia tree in my backyard.
User Image
This is also in my backyard.
User Image
This is behind Portable 1 at school one fine weekday morning. (See what we miss when we're stuck in a building for seven hours a day for five days a week?! We miss everything!! That's a part of our life we never get back.)
User Image
Yes...this is grass; it looks pretty boring, but I think it'd make a good wallpaper for a computer. :3
User Image

Mrs Suki Kato
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Mrs Suki Kato
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