I got a temp job that started in March and is going to end on December 31st, kinda bummed about it but it was inevitable. That's the point of a temp job, it's temporary. Your options are to move on or get hired on by that same company which is a plus if you like or tolerate the place. I was set to work in a job I had aspired for afterward but due to errors on their end including losing their interview notes on me so I didn't even exist to them, I got no job.

Was reeeallly gunning for that post temp job gig but life happens, now I got 30 days to secure either a full time job in the department I was working for where I get along with the staff, or a new office job from the temp agency. I'm not too worried because of the money I saved up working full time and moving back with my parents, however the longer I'm inactive the harder it will be to compete with people in my field. I'm gonna submit an updated resume to my temp agency and check in at WorkSource that's near the dollar store in town.

To anyone looking for employment but having a hard go of it, without experience or even got a criminal record, I highly recommend reaching out to a job finding service like WorkSource. Its free and there are probably other organizations near you that aren't called that specifically but its to help people in the community find work in multiple industries.
There is also temp agencies, the one I'm in is good because there is no fee or anything cuz it's not a service, you're in their payroll and they help you find jobs that lead to future jobs that aren't with them. Like my job specialist encouraged me to find a job outside of the agency and sent me a list of possible job matches at school districts, it was kinda nice. But that's just my experience, though I hope you get the same going the extra mile help I got.

Good luck out there friends.