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I need money...
S + Laughter
Life as we know it is nothing more than a mere illusion, a dream, a constant pattern of what we deem to be good and evil, light and dark, on and off. There exists no balance, no cooperation, but an equal quantity of both, continually fighting against one another in an eternal struggle for dominance. The only role we mortals have in this whirlwind of torment is to live, and then wither away into the infinite nothingness. There are no truths that need be found, and no lies that need be told.

What are we? What are we but flesh and bone, tied together by chemicals and bio-electrical impulses that form our thoughts? A simple creature, lost in itself, and drowning in it's own poisons. Only by pain does it learn, adapt, but only to survive in the ever changing environ in which it lives. A world, full of such beings, each one drastically different than the next, each one suffering in it's own ways so that it may become strong enough to survive for the next day. It will try to seek out that which makes it happy, but no such thing exists in it's world. Happiness is the illusion, pain is the reality.

In other news, I might be going Quiet...[for those of you who play Mage: The Ascension]

Not for minors ><...
The Shawshank Redemption and the Job Corps Connection

I've recently made a connection between the "Shawshank Redemption" (Remember that movie? If you haven't, oh well...), and Job Corps. In the movie, Andy (the main character), escapes out of a corrupt prison by tunneling through a wall, smashing his way into the sewage pipe, and crawling through the pipe (roughly the distance of five football fields). At Job Corps, I have made this metaphoric connection that; no matter how easy the Business trade was, I'm still going to have to crawl through a river of [bull] s**t just to get out of here. Apparently, I have to go through transition for about 60 days. I just found this out today. I was planning on getting the Hell outta here on the 16th of September...for good. But now I can't do that, because I "have to find a job or it makes JC look bad". Not like I can't get a job within hours of leaving this place &gt;&lt;, now I have to spend 60 days to find one, put in my application, go to an interview, and get the job, taking hundreds of times longer than it would take me if I was to just leave.

Even taking a weekend pass is nearly insane to try and do. Here's how it works:

On center, we have something called a "card status", based on how many points you have. You loose points by breaking the rules (like giving minors a cigarette or horseplaying), you get 1 point back every week. You start with 16 points. It helps define the good from the bad here on center. The card colours are:
Blue- Very bad, must have gotten into trouble way too many times.
Red- Not as bad as Blue, but still in danger of getting kicked out.
Green- ICL's, or the new introductory students. They stay this way until their two month. Nothing bad, it just helps staff know who they are.
Silver- The normal, the 12-16 point range, the average.
Gold- Not much different from Silver, but they have priority over Silver and below. You have to do 6 hours of community service (and spend five days finding signatures &gt;&lt; ). I am a Gold Card.
Wolf Pack- The VIP of JC, the big ones. They have priority over any other card status, they get 5 Leave-Without-Pay (LWOP), days a year instead of the normal 3, and they have 18 points instead of 16. They must be in Leadership, and have done a mix of 14 hours of community service, on and off center.

Now, a weekend pass is when you leave the center for the weekend and come back on Monday (usually, except in the cases of three-day weekends). It's a good way to get away from all the damn drama that's here on center (like who's dating who and who broke up with who, I can't take it anymore! &gt;&lt; ). Now, you can use your LWOP days to, say, "extend" your weekend for a couple days longer. If you want to take a weekend pass into Roseburg (city near here), and you don't live in Roseburg, you have to be a Gold Card.

I was going to take all three of my LWOP days, slap them on the back of Labor Day Weekend, and have myself a good 'ole 6 day weekend off center. I did all the required community service hours and got all the signatures I needed to get my Gold Card, just so I could go into Roseburg. I was going to go into Roseburg with a buddy of mine, because I didn't want to pay for the ticket back up to Seattle. He quit out on me, so I went to another friend. It seemed like it was going to work, but then his mother had guests over, so neither me or him could go. So now I have to re-schedule my weekend pass to next week, take Wednesday through Sunday off (only 5 days instead of 6), leave Tuesday evening, come back Sunday evening, and start my 60 days of transition on Monday. Only if his "mother" says so. If not....#$@%%@!!! &gt;&lt;

Now I risk getting a write up (a loss of points, and thus loss of my Gold Card, making me unable to go into Roseburg over the weekend), and I really don't feel like doing those 6 hours over again. It may not seem like much, but it is Hell trying to find community service, that, and I'd have to wait a month for my points to come back, and another month before I could even apply for Gold Card again.

A river of s**t, just to get out of here.

Name: Iomma White
Birthday: 7/11/86
Birthplace: Bremerton
Current Location: Middle of nowhere
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown, want purple
Height: Tall
Right Handed or Left Handed: Both
Your Heritage: Scandanavian
The Shoes You Wore Today: Size 9 Women's shoes
Your Weakness: Pie
Your Fears: Venom
Your Perfect Pizza: Seafood
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Get a life...
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Boo!
Thoughts First Waking Up: I don't want to wake up today...
Your Best Physical Feature: My hands
Your Bedtime: Whatever I want it to be
Your Most Missed Memory: Childhood
Pepsi or Coke: Root beer
MacDonalds or Burger King: Dairy Queen
Single or Group Dates: Singles
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Starbucks
Chocolate or Vanilla: Both...O.O
Cappuccino or Coffee: Both...O.O
Do you Smoke: Trying to quit, it aint easy
Do you Swear: $#$& Yes!
Do you Sing: Does it look like I sing?...yes...
Do you Shower Daily: 5:00am every day
Have you Been in Love: Yes, but I lost her
Do you want to go to College: Yes, 'cus I'm smarter than you...
Do you want to get Married: I am, to my loving Frosty
Do you belive in yourself: Only on Fridays
Do you get Motion Sickness: Quit moving &amp;&amp;...yes
Do you think you are Attractive: Oh yeah, I am, there is no doubt about it...
Are you a Health Freak: Hell no
Do you get along with your Parents: Only when I need something
Do you like Thunderstorms: No
Do you play an Instrument: The harmonica
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: Unless mouthwash counts, no
In the past month have you Smoked: *Sigh* Yes
In the past month have you been on Drugs: Legaly, yes
In the past month have you gone on a Date: Nope, I'm single and for the taking
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: Yes, and it sucked (I hate DDR! &gt;&lt; ).
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: No
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: Yes
In the past month have you been on Stage: No
In the past month have you been Dumped: Nope, haven't been with someone for over a month.
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: Yes...sort of
In the past month have you Stolen Anything: I cannot tell a lie...yes
Ever been Drunk: In my life, yes, in the past three years, no
Ever been called a Tease: I am tease, when I'm this good looking, why not?
Ever been Beaten up: Not yet
Ever Shoplifted: (I'm going to Hell for this)...Yup
How do you want to Die: In my hatchback, while it's burning, with all the doors unlocked and my seatbelt not on. I'll stay in the car and roast alive.
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: A...Librarian/Ninja/Game Designer/Biologist/President of the United States/Coffie shop waiter/Porn Star/Garbagecollector/Clown/Airplane Piolet/Homeless...O.o
What country would you most like to Visit: France...for many reasons

In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Colour: Brown
Favourite Hair Colour: Brunett
Short or Long Hair: Long
Height: Shorter than 5'7", taller than 4'5"
Weight: Average, f*** you Frosty!
Best Clothing Style: Emo/Geek
Number of Drugs I have taken: Legal or Illegal? In any case *counts on fingers* ...5
Number of CDs I own: Music, 2. Other, ?
Number of Piercings: 1, aiming for more
Number of Tattoos: None now...soon to be 5
Number of things in my Past I Regret: I don't regret anything, my past makes me stronger &gt;&lt;...

You know you're from Western Washington...
You know you're from Western Washington when...

1. You know how to pronounce Sequim, Puyallup, Enumclaw and Issaquah.
2. You consider swimming an indoor sport.
3. You keep snow chains in your trunk but they've never been used.
4. You see a person carrying an umbrella and know they must be a tourist.
5. Eating seafood isn't anything special.
6. Your lawn is mostly moss and you don't really care.
7. Your daily commute to work involves riding a ferry.
8. You know the difference between "showers followed by rain" and "rain followed by showers".
9. The sight of Mt. Rainier is still awe inspiring.
10. You're extremely picky about your coffee.
11. You yell at the TV if they pronounce the name of a city wrong or make an inaccurate Seattle reference on "Frasier".
12. You rarely wash your car because it's just going to get muddy again tomorrow.
13. You wouldn't dream of putting an air conditioner in your house.
14. You go to Eastern Washington to get some sun.
15. You can drive from your home to a lake, a river or the Puget Sound in 20 minutes or less.
16. You've seen or know someone who has seen Bigfoot.
17. You remember where you were on May 18th, 1980.
18. You get a terrible sunburn on the first really nice day of summer.
19. You look forward to SeaFair and all its related activities.
20. You take a heavy coat and a hat with you for a day at the beach.
21. You have learned to assume Christmas will be rainy, not white.
22. You've owned the same bathing suit for years because you never have a chance to wear it out.
23. You still can't believe the new Seahawks stadium is open air.
24. Your phone book contains a tide table.
25. You only visit the Space Needle if you need someplace to take out of town guests.
26. You or someone you know works at Boeing or Microsoft.
27. You "Do The Puyallup" every year.
28. You feel guilty throwing something away that could be recycled.
29. You use the word "sunbreak" and know what it means.
30. You know more than 10 ways to order coffee.
31. You know more people who own boats than air conditioners.
32. You know the difference between Chinook, Coho and Sockeye salmon.
33. You never go camping without water proof matches and a poncho.
34. You have no concept of humidity without precipitation.
35. You can point to at least 2 volcanoes even if you can't actually see them through the cloud cover.
36. You wear shorts when the temperature gets above 50 but still wear your hiking boots and parka.
37. You switch to your sandals at about 60 degrees but keep your socks on.
38. You have actually used your mountain bike on a mountain.
39. You buy new sunglasses every year because you've lost last years pair after such a long time not needing them.
40. You measure distance in hours.
41. You often switch from heat to a/c in your car in the same day.
42. You use a down comforter in the summer.
43. You carry jumper cables in your car and your wife knows how to use them.
44. You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit under a raincoat.
45. You choose your vacation spot according to the best latte stands.
46. You purchase a new car and the 'Northwest Package' includes a built in umbrella holder.
47. Your children don't get chickenpox, they get 'rust spots' instead.
48. When you think 'big hair', you think of Kent.
49. You can't make it two blocks without seeing a Starbucks.
50. When you hear people from Eastern WA say they're going to the coast, you assume they mean Ocean Shores.
51. You make reference to the new neighborhood going up down the street and people have to ask, "Which one?"
52. You can't believe that people in Spokane actually have yellow grass in the winter and green grass in the summer.
53. You know how to pronounce geoduck and know that it doesn't quack or have feathers.
54. You expect snow for Valentine's Day, not Christmas.
55. You get upset when a store doesn't carry your favorite brand of bottled water.
56. You can tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai food.
57. You can taste the difference between Starbucks, Seattle's Best and Tully's.
58. It's not a real mountain unless it has snow and has erupted within the last 200 years.
59. You go to work in the dark and come home in the dark even though you only have an 8-hour workday.
60. You've stood alone on a deserted street corner in the rain.
61. You can tell it's summer because the rain is warmer.
62. You know what a Frango is.
63. You think the "Middle East" is Ellensburg and the "Far East" is Spokane.
64. You realize no education is required to be a weatherman. Just predict, "Partly cloudy with a chance of rain."
65. You have an earthquake story...and so does everyone else you know.
66. You can identify seven different types of rain.
67. You can identify five different cities by smell alone.
68. You think espresso was invented in Seattle.
69. You know what 'Sodo Mojo' is.
70. You can turn in any direction and be within a stone's-throw of an Indian-run casino.
71. You think summer starts in July and winter in September.
72. It's not a real windstorm until your lawn ornaments blow away.
73. You know exactly where Tom Hank's boathouse was in "Sleepless In Seattle".
74. You know who J.P. Patches was.
75. At least one of your neighbors has a hot tub they haven't used in over a year.
76. You know who really 'let the dogs out'.
77. You become frightened by the bright yellow orb in the sky until the 9-1-1 operator tells you it's just the sun.
78. You've used every setting on your intermittent wipers.
79. You know you better enjoy the snow the first day it falls before the rain washes it away.
80. You marvel when the autumn leaves stay on the trees for more than three days before the rain knocks them to the ground.
81. You can't imagine living through a tornado or hurricane but you secretly think earthquakes are kind of fun.
82. You give directions using the Puget Sound and Cascade mountains as points of reference.
83. You lose your sense of direction if you go east of the Cascade mountains.
84. You know at least 5 different ways to kill slugs.
85. You know at least 10 different recipes that call for blackberries.
86. You are not sure of the color of your house because of all of the rhododendron bushes planted in front of it.
87. You know the difference between a rhododendron and an azalea.
88. You know what a d**k's Deluxe is.
89. You or your family member live "in the woods".
90. You can endure 100 days of rain and wind but an inch of snow means school cancellations.
91. You consider an antique anything made before 1970.
92. You know someone whose house has been partially crushed by a tree.
93. You know the difference between an evergreen and a deciduous tree.
94. You don't know what a turnpike is and have never paid a toll to drive over a bridge.
95. You own a barbeque that has rusted.
96. You change your wiper blades more often than your oil.
97. Your idea of dancing is nodding your head vigorously.
98. You use your defogger and your AC at the same time.
99. You don't own anything made of wool.
100. when someone honks at you, you think they are trying to say "hi".
101. You get a least 5 e-mails a week from friends asking you to come see their band.
102. You know what a 9-inning lunch is.
103. You think you're working late if you stay past 3 pm.
104. You have more unemployed friends than friends who have jobs.
105. You prefer one mountain range to the other.
106. You say Olympics and are talking about the mountians.

Universe origins...O.O
How'd the universe get created? The cosmic egg of course biggrin . Now astrophysisits theorize that the cosmic egg was formed of neutronium, a subtance where all the atoms are packed as close as they can be together, or of pure hydrogen. In either case, the question becomes, "where'd the cosmic egg come from?". My own personal therory might be a little hard to belive, but I have evidence to back it up. There's only one thing in this universe with enough gravitation pull to create anything similar to neutronium or be able to break anything down into something as basic a hydrogen; a black hole. When the star collapses and forms the black hole, how much matter that gets sucked into it depends on the origional mass of the star, beacause mass would not change. So if a star with enough mass were to collapse and create a black hole with enough gravitational pull to start absorbing matter into it, that matter would compact into what scientists call neutronium, or neutronite. Now neutronium is about 1,000X more dense than the densest known white dwarf. Say, what if, that collection of neutronium were to become too unstable for it's own physics? Most cases, they explode into one of the brightest objects in our universe, a quasar. But, what if it were to defy physics and collapse within itself again? Where would all that matter go?

Basically what I'm trying to say is that our universe is just black hole spill off from another, much larger, universe. "Where'd that universe come from?", another even larger universe. But my theory would prove infinity, and the human mind doesn't like that idea. There's some mathmatical equation that would help me explain it but I can't remember it &gt;&lt;.

Small rant...
Grah!! I need to get onto a scanner and scan my art work. Soon people will know who Iomma Sensei really is...

Iomma Sensei
Community Member
Iomma Sensei
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