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The thing wherein DuskFade writes stuff down.
Mostly just stuff for RP's and stuff. You know...stuff.
The Selveren

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”I didn’t even fall, I stumbled a bit and took a quick knee to catch my balance again. It took me two days to hobble back to the medical center to have the 4 inch spikes removed from my knee”

Eorlefar is a fairly arid satellite of Degan in the Canis A system. The temperature fluctuates between 10 Celsius(50F) and 35 Celsius(95F) between seasons. Despite the mild temperatures, harsh winds scour the planet near constantly which ease up during the summer and hit a high point during the winter reaching upwards of 201 Kilometers per hour (125mph) at their highest.
These constant windstorms have raced across the planet and carved out deep gouges into the softer limestone bedrock that has covered 80% of the planet in dense karst landscapes. The jagged mountain ridges are sharp enough to tear through most things that so much as brush up against it. The small caves nested within the fang like formations are often homes to mineral rich pools of underground fed water that feed most of the plant life that is able to climb the rough surfaces.

Population: 1.87 million
Orbital Distance: .85 AU
Orbital Period: .75 Earth Years
Day Length: 20 Earth hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 1.5 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Gravity: 1.45 G

The Selveren

((Much like the Myari I’ll post another pic when I get the chance))

The Selveren are a reptilian race that live in the harsh conditions of this planet. They are highly adapted to the harsh environment of Eorlefar with their highly streamlined bodies and highly flexible skeletal system. Their skin is filled with chromatophores and an adaptive scaling system, which allows them to match both color and texture of their surroundings in most natural settings (similar to either a chameleon or octopus). Their natural skin colorization is mottled grayish brown with matching eyes. Their tails help them maintain balance in the harsh winds while their uniquely structured hands are covered with small fibers that allow them to stick to many surfaces on a near molecular level (much like anoles of Earth).

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The Selveren live in tight knit communities built into the cliff faces of the mountain. These groups in turn all pay tribute to a small council of Selveren who live in a large capital center that serves as a trading hub and center for political process. The council members themselves are selected through an incredibly violent process of gladiatorial battles fought to the death. (To be continued)

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