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A fun journal I guess.

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MAH FAVORITE RESULTS! Read if you want to. . . . . . . .
You are hyperactive, naive, and curious. You can be annoying at times but you don't mind, as long as you have fun! You attach metal claws to your knuckles when fighting against your oponent, you can also control wind, giving you the ability to have flight.

-Preferred weaponry- Shuriken and metal claws.
-Element- Wind
-Specialize in- Ninjutsu and taijutsu
-BFF- Tobi, but Zetsu and Deidara don't mind you either
-BF- Well Tobi likes you ^_^
-Member(s) that dislike you- Sasori and sort of Kisame and Kakuzu

Pein- She doesn't look like much, and at first sight you'd think her to be a weakling. She proved us wrong though, she is very neccessary to the akatsuki.

Konan- She is very free spirited, I wouldn't have imagined her to join us...

Itachi- Hn...She has talent, but she could do with being more serious.

Kisame- She gives me a headache...

Deidara- She's got an interesting personality...Hmm. *Smirks* She's cute too.

Sasori- She's an annoying brat.

Zetsu- She has skill for such a young kunoichi...Alot can be expected from her.

Tobi- She is alot of fun! We talk often and she comes with me and Zetsu to missions sometimes! She's pretty cute too ^_^

Hidan- She made a f*cking tornado! I'm surprised at her abilities to say so myself.

Kakuzu- Sometimes I feel like killing her...But other than that she's fine with me.



You smiled as you picked up the pink rose from your pillow, "That's so cute!...But it doesn't say of who it's from?" You pondered for a moment before deciding to head outside, you hated being in this dark and gloomy hideout. You walked for half an hour untill you reached a wide open area of trees and wild flowers. Laying down on the soft grass, you closed your eyes. You could hear trickling water near by and the birds singing, you slowly went to sleep in total relaxation. ~*~*~
You woke up from your peaceful dream as you felt someone poking your side. You squinted to see Tobi looking down at you, "Tobi?...That you?" You blinked a couple of times before realising that it was dark out. "Yeah, you've been gone for five hours...Tobi got worried!" Tobi said, now sitting with his legs crossed beside you. "Oh, sorry! I couldn't help but fall asleep...Why were you worried?" He then started to fiddle with his thumbs and mumbled something. You raised your eyebrow at him, "What? Tobi, I can't hear you!" He looked to the ground and blurted out, "I-I like you!". You gave him a smile, "I like you too! You're my friend remember?" You get up and dust your skirt off. "Uh...Y-yeah! Friends...!" He almost had a dissapointed sound to his voice. You look at him with your head tilted to one side, "...Something wrong?" He shook his head, got up, and walked beside you towards the hideout. He was strangely quiet the whole time you were walking, usualy Tobi is talkative and funny around you, but he almost seemed to be lost in thought this time. You were now only five minutes till the hideout. You poked Tobi in the arm playfully which he tickled you back in the ribs and tummy. "NO STOP!I'M TICKLISH!" You started laughing and fell on the ground. He stopped to let you catch your breath, and sat down beside you, "Close your eyes!" You look at him in question, "Hm? Why?" "Just close them!" You close your eyes shut not really knowing what to expect. You start to blush as you feel Tobi lightly stroke the side of your face, "Tobi?" You open your eyes. He had his mask off, but since it was dark you couldn't tell exactly of what he looked like. He quickly leaned forwards and gave you a kiss, then pulled back just as quickly. You could tell he was blushing by the way he looked down, so you smiled and kissed him back. (Me- Hehe! Ok the rest is up to you! XD)

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