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Original Characters
Do not steal my character ideas.
Esmee Marz - Tattoo Artist

READ THE DESCRIPTION!! she has lots of piercings and tattoos.

Name: Esmee Marz
Gender: Female
Age: 21 (but looks younger)
Height/weigh: 5ft 0 inches, and 90lbs.
Hair: dark purple, highlights / with red tips & in this style~
Eyes: steel blue with orange and yellow specks.
Race: Human; White/Caucasian/American
Skin Tone: Ivory
Body description: CHARACTER SHEET / ref / red // very petite and tiny, but toned and not scrawny. strong leg muscles and abs and small biceps. She's a B cup and has wide but proportion hips and a round butt (her biggest feature besides her ego lol).
Personality: She's kind and sweet at heart but has a very sadistic and masochistic side. she's generally rude, mean and rough. she acts way bigger than she actually is and has a "I'll kick your a**" attitude, she's a small bad b***h and she's kinky too.
Clothing/Accessories: She must be smoking nat shermans or holding a tattoo gun, and wearing purple glasses, with black fishnet stockings and net gloves.
She likes gothic lollita, frilly, lacy, silk things. she like arms-length gloves, boas, fur coats and tights. depending on her mood she'll be fully clothed or half naked in a black bikini, or lingerie. (I have references from an avatar which this OC came from: this, without the bow or, with more clothes on or a bikini and more tattoos).
Piercings: size 00 gauges on lobe (farthest to the right on the pic), a normal 14g ear piercing above the lobe (purple gem), a size 4 guage third ear piercing (the blue swirly one or the black plug), industrial ear piercing in cartilage, tragus pierced (stud). snake bites, nose stud on the right nostril. Naval (belly button) piercing (purple studs or dangly in shapes of hearts or skulls/anything cute). collar bone piercing (both sides). hip bone piercing (both sides). nipples (nudity) piercings w/the tattoo, back corset piercings).
Tattoos: she has a cherry blossom, x, down her left side starting from her wrist, around her arm, over her shoulder/back, across her ribs to her hips, around her thigh/legs & all the way to her foot. she has a White Tiger on her right hip/thigh. and a koi fish going down her right arm and side.
History: She grew up in poverty and grew up to become a tattoo artist. That's all you need to know because she doesn't like telling her sad sappy life story.
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