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The Moerae Clan
The story of the Moerae Clan begins, as many tales do, with a legend. The legend opens with the Fates, goddesses who foresaw life and death, seeing only destruction in mankind's future, and sought to help preserve it through seeding a secret society to help protect future generations.

Spotting a particularly virtuous quality in a group of three siblings, they bestowed upon them the gift to sew their own fates. The eldest, a wandering sailor and adventurer, was from thereon granted the eyes of a seer, which led him to plan his life accordingly and explore many new worlds. The middle child, an expecting mother, was blessedly allowed to grace the future of her child with love and fortune, the wish of any mother. Lastly, the youngest, a noble shieldmaiden, was granted possibly the most glorious of the Fate's powers, that of the Valkyrie; she could choose her own death.

These powers were to given only under one condition: that the siblings, and all their future generations, would forever be entrusted with the protection and prosper of the human race. Should any of them ever ever stray from this path, they would forever be cursed till their dying day. No one knows the legitimacy of this tale, but it is a legend passed down from generation to generation of the Moerae Clan.

What is proven about the Moerae Clan is their supernatural ability to control probability, passed down through their bloodline. Like the legend foretells, the power is split into three:


First Application: The purest and most potent of the Fate's power, it bestows the user control over destiny. Those who wield it are well-regarded prophets and oracles, known for their powerful curses and enchantments that last long after their death. Their intricate visions are said to be in itself a gift from the gods, and often, these spirituals can see what others cannot. Their visions come in a variety of dreams, trances, or sudden vivid glimpses into the future, past, or present.

Second Application: The most renowned of the Moerae Clan's probability control, often referred to as "luck." It allows the user to control probability in real time, creating flash-jinxes and playing with events like a puppet-master. It's most skilled casters can go as far as to summon storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters by merely spurring causality to do so, though the wielding of such great power may prove costly. As legend speaks, they may also christen blessings unto others (especially ones' children), and it is believed it is through this application that the Moerae Clan has prospered for so many years.

Third Application: The last and most legendary of the Fate's power lies in death, but not in dealing it. Foretold as the Valkyrie's inheritance, it is so rare that its inheritors are given the title of "Black Swan", and it is said that their births are impossible to predict, but one thing is for certain; they are always female. Whereas most the Moerae Clan's magic is stemmed in inflicting probability, the Black Swans are surrounded by a constant flow of it, and are incapable of defeat through standard means; bullets sail past them, bombs are rendered duds, and there's even been cases where entire revolver cylinders have turned up blanks. They are divinely protected by improbable circumstance, which is why they are the longest-lived of the Moerae Clan.


Originally founded as a group of Irish travelers, they made their way to Isle de Gambino to start anew. As patrons of peace among men, they volunteered to be the human ambassadors for the "Four Families", a group of peacekeepers in the magical world that underlies Gaia's mainstream. That duty is since been rendered defunct after the Four Families' retirement in the 1980s, but the Moerae Clan still fight to protect the people of Isle de Gambino.

While the preservation of humanity is the clan's goal as a whole, it doesn't pay the bills. Yet somehow, the Moerae Clan is known as one of the wealthiest families on Isle de Gambino. One could say they are one the wealthiest crime families on the island; a good surplus of their funds do not come from legitimate means.
Working closely with the Marketplace district's black market, the Moerae Clan deal in all forms of thievery. While by no accounts legal, their crimes are for the most part harmless, being largely aimed at the obscenely wealthy, and because of their divine luck, they are rarely caught.

Even so, they've established themselves as one of the island's most wanted criminals, and are looked on as outcasts by the higher society, despite their protective nature. By the lower class they've been seen as providers, a group of "rags to riches" robin hoods who gleefully flaunt their wealth. They rival the yakuza group the Onigawa-kai, who have likewise invested significant funds into the Black Market, in territorial disputes.

Younger members of the clan regularly get into spats with the local surf gang, "The Natives", who descend from the islanders who fought against the Moerae Clan during their first settlements.

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