Cosplays that I have done so far!
I am going to update this with the avis I've made! Also adding other cosplays later!

For some avis, I will try to provide references.
Especially for ones such as the plethora of Dark Pit avatars I've created. whee

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

Kid Icarus:
* Pit
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The first avi is Pit's redesign in Brawl and Kid Icarus Uprising ; The background is Smash Bro's version of Skyworld.

The second avi is the Retro Pit model from Project Melee ; The background is Brawl's battlefield.

The third is my version of what an adult Pit would look like!
(I do not have art refs for him at this time for better representation.)

The fourth avi is meant to be what Pit would look like in the Xenoblade Chronicles universe as I have a few AUs where he is paired with Shulk or Lord Zanza. Pit's attire is heavily based on the Jungle gear within the game. The background is Frontier Village, the village of the Nopon!
(I do not have any art for this concept as of yet.)

* Dark Pit
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(Pittoo has the most avis outta everyone lol!)
First two avis are based off Dark Pit's awakening from the Mirror of Truth cutscene in Kid Icarus Uprising.

3-5 are based off of his appearances in Smash Wii-U/3ds and Ultimate. Third one's background is meant to be Skyloft, fourth is the battlefield from Smash Wii-U and lastly the scene in the fifth is the unlock screen!

6 is based off a fan made Skyloftian Knights attire that I had created for Pittoo. The background is meant to be the Skyview Spring from Skyward Sword.

7 and 8 are based off the Gerudo and Stealth sets in BOTW. Creative liberties were taken for the Gerudo attire and Pittoo wears the Diamond Circlet instead of his regular laurels.

The 9th one is based off a "Cinderella" Kid Icarus doujin, but I had to color guess as it was in black and white. As Pittoo's color scheme is mostly purple and black with some gold and red accents, I tried to guesstimate the colors.

The other "princess" like avatar (Avi 10) comes from very cute art I once saw done by DoodledStars on Tumblr. (Who was formerly known as SaccharoKirby on dA before she left the site.)

* Lady Palutena
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Two variants for different item combos I wanted to try out! The bg for the first avi is based off the inside of her temple in Kid Icarus Uprising. The Home Menu specifically. The second one is an original bg that I had made.

* Viridi
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* Hades
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Fire Emblem:
* Corrin (Male)
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The bg for regular Corrin is the Fountain of Dreams in Ultimate.
Created two versions of Adrift Corrin as I liked the bg for the second one.
The third attire is meant to be the "New Year Corrin" from FE:Heroes!

* Roy
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The first avatar is his appearance in Melee ; The Background is Melee's Fountain of Dreams
The second avatar is his appearance in Sm4sh and Ultimate ; The Background is the Dracula's Castle stage

* Robin
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* First avatar is Robin's appearance in the Fire Emblem Cipher card game
The second is his appearance as the Fell Dragon Grima in FE: Heroes

Xenoblade Chronicles:
User Image

* Shulk: -wip-
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Attire is meant to be Shulk's swimsuit that he wears in Xenoblade Chronicles and Super Smash Bros

* Silver (GSC and HGSS)
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* Natural Harmonia Gropius
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The three variations on N's regular attire were me trying different combos and bg ideas.
The fourth avi is N as a child and the fifth is when N is crowned king in the opening cinematic for Black and White.

* Calem
User Image

* Elio/Sun
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First avi is Elio's appearance in the first Sun and Moon. The background is the Altar of the Sunne.
The second avi is his appearance in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and the blond haired blue eyed default option. The background is based on USUM's Route 1 outside the player's home.

Super Mario Bros:
* Princess Peach
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First avi is Peach's appearance in Smash Wii-U/Ultimate. I tried replicating her final smash for the bg.
The second is her wedding attire in Super Mario Odyssey
The third is her appearance in Mario Party 2 ; Her Pirate Land costume
The fourth is the stained glass window art from Super Mario 64
The fifth is another rendition of the stained glass window art but from Super Mario Odyssey

Mother 3:
* Lucas
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]Lucas has black eyes in the Smash and Mother 3 art, but in Brawl his eyes has a blue tint to them.
Sunflower in his hair is a nod to some of the older Lucas art I had seen from J-Stein where he wears one in his hair. Sadly those pieces are deleted from his dA.

* Dark Mousy
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* Johan Andersen
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* Alibaba Saluja
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* Haruka Nanase
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