Okay so I showed someone my almost finished peacock project right and we were talking about it, then all of a sudden this person decided to copy my artwork and draw people killing each other and a missile on it and said that it was a 'joke'. I find this HIGHLY offensive and DISRESPECTFUL to my work. I spent So FREAKING LONG on this project and they just decide to copy without asking and draw s**t all over it and call it a F***ING JOKE!! People like that MAKE me SICK.


Hope KARMA bites you on the a**!

Here is the artwork, I didn't save the insulting copy that this person did but yeah.. This is my HARDWORK. It is still being worked on. http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/103/a/8/peacock_almost_finished_by_emptysoulkeeper-d4w09az.jpg