The dark night sky peaked through the building tops. I stared up in what seemed to be serenity as I felt the cold tingle of the concrete against my bare back and thighs. The cold stabbing every pore of my skin reminded me I was still alive. Although every second more that I laid there, was another second I wished I were dead. I was broken, but still conscious. Was this punishment? Had I committed some sin that I needed redemption? I continued to lay there, fragile, cold and partially naked. I was vulnerable, I was a victim, and I hated myself for being another statistic. My eyes drifted down to the pants that were gathered at my ankles, off in the distance I could see two figures disappearing into the street lights. They disappeared into the streets of Gotham and left me for dead.

Was this what it was like to be wanted?

I had been thrust upon by rage of lust. I guess I had gotten what I wanted. I wanted to be loved, even if it was for that brief moment, I wanted love… sick and disturbing as that may sound it did bring a brief smile to my face. I smiled because I obtained that temperamental moment of love. I didn’t move, just smiled. My underwear clinging to the inside of my knees, wet from the rain that had drenched me moments before. Thank god, something to wash away what had just happened. Cause a clear sky just wouldn’t feel right.

Was I looking for love in all the wrong places?

My body was sluggish, and it hurt just to move. I tried to lift my arm, the bruises around my biceps and forearms were already starting to burn. This was the price to pay in order to find love… Pain. Without pain did love mean nothing? The smile was still creeping along my lips as I began to laugh. I wasn’t sure if there were tears lining my eyes or if the rain was still clinging to my skin. My broken frame continued to just lay there laughing. The pain still surging through my arms and legs, but at the same time a different feeling began tingle through my skin.

At first I wasn’t sure what this feeling was. But when I opened my eyes one color blinded me. Violet. A violet light descended down upon me. Gave me the strength to keep going, made me a new being. From that moment on I was a Star Sapphire. A soldier of love, and I’d fight to find it.