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Midnyt and M.I.D.N.Y.T. Which one is more deadly?
Uoe's Nakya
Name: Nakya

Age: Older than your foolish bible.

Gender: Female

Species: Anu


Birth Date:



Physical Description:

Personality Description:

Special Abilities:

Special Defenses:





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Basic Information

Name: Nakya

Nickname(s): None

Age: 21

Height: 6’9

Weight: 320

Rank: Technically Scout though treated as Berzerker with special privileges.

Personality: Nakya is a warrior of the Sun people. Nakya was once a weak, pathetic human like the mongrel Nakya kills daily. Nakya is no longer a weak, pathetic mongrel like you and your liter. Nakya is a brave warrior and a ruthless killer. Nakya fears no one and Nakya has NEVER been defeated. That’s why Nakya is Lieutenant! (Nakya calls her and her people the Sun People. She was once a bright young woman with a bright future, but once she was infected, she was chased away from her home and hunted like an animal. She became cold, heartless and bloodthirsty. The only thing that peaks her interest is a strong man or woman. She is very loyal to her boss, her master or mistress, and will fight to the death for the “honor” she blindly follows. Nakya is a violent and calculating individual. It takes a lot to get her overly angry, and when that happens, run like hell. This mutant can be very gentle at times to her people and most of her followers like her. When it’s time to battle, she is a crazed war goddess. When it’s time to joke, well, she might not joke back because she doesn’t get many jokes.

Physical Appearance: Nakya stands at a towering 6’9 and weighs over 300 solid, muscular pounds.

Biography: Nakya was a happy young woman with quick wits and a sweet laugh. She was betrothed to a man she barely knew, but that did little to upset her. Her father was a soldier, her mother a seamstress, and Nakya herself wanted very much to carry on her mother’s business. Her family was poor, but with only their three mouths to feed, two when her father was away, it wasn’t as hard as it could’ve been. Nakya was the first in her family to fall ill from the virus. As she changed, more and more people tried to kill her, despite her parents efforts to hide and protect her. Over night, she transformed completely, having given up on fighting the change. When her mother walked into the room to give her breakfast, she screamed at seeing her once slender, girlishly beautiful daughter now a muscle bulging fierce monster of a woman. Nakya, enraged at various emotions and thoughts running through her mind, jumped out of the window and took off. She slaughtered anyone who tried to stop her from leaving the small town, even when one of the men trying to subdue her was her own loving father, who didn’t raise a weapon to her at all. Covered in her father’s -and half the townspeople’s- blood , she walked back to her home and killed her mother with her bare hands. The pain she felt was unbearable, but in her mind she knew that her parents would have been killed by the villagers for allowing her to live. Why not kill them with her own two hands since they were damned anyway. They were weak. They wouldn’t fight back. They were weak, as she once was. Now, no more. Nakya is a fearsome woman and a psychotic warrior. She sees herself as an essential part of any warmonger’s brood.

Theme Song(s): Don’t Treat Me Like A Woman (Chyna’s Theme), Divide, and Run by Disturbed

Special Information

Mutations: Her muscles, obviously, as well as the darkening of her skin to better blend in with the darkness. The pigmentation of her hair is an awkward cause of the mutation and her elongated ears serve as a second set of eyes when she’s blinded by an enemy.

Abilities: She has super speed for a creature her size and her strength in obviously noted. She can see even in pitch darkness and, if her sight is ever compromised, her ears and nose can work as sensory enhancers for her.

Weapon(s): Nakya usually carries around a broadsword, but every now and again, she will decide to use a much more brutal, much deadly, and much heavier, battle axe. Also, when there's a message to be sent, she breaks out a devastating war hammer she forged herself.
Fighting Style(s): Nakya knows many fighting styles, but her favorite style is the sword fighting of the days of old. She loves hand to hand combat as well, like wrestling and boxing.

Other: Nakya can be a very… horny girl as times. She isn’t a virgin anymore, she lost that burden long ago, but when she “mates” with human males, one, she’s always on top and winds up breaking her victim’s pelvis or ribs, and two she always kills them at the end. She has never laid with a mutant before because she’s never deemed one worthy, not to mention most mutants are turned off or intimidated by her size.

Midnyt Tyr
Community Member
Midnyt Tyr
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