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Name: Syth Lethos
AKA: Sy or Syth
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual. Can be either dominate or submissive.
Visual Age: Fifteen to Twenty, witnesses don't agree
Hair: Very Red, Almost to his shoulders and very messy.
Eyes: Blue, turns red when angry or dominantly lustful. They stay blue when he's submissively lustful.
Skin: White with pink around the eyes and pink parts.
Species: Living Voodoo Doll. The species has no specific traits since hair color, eyes... the entire look is created by someone. Sy was created with white skin, pointy teeth, Blue eyes and red hair. The only common factor is that when they get angry they're eyes turn red and that they can be controlled by they're creator if the creator has the corresponding doll. The creator can also do certain very difficult things in order to give they're creation special abilities. Sy can see into people's souls and tell if they are good or bad. He can also fly but it takes a lot out of him and his exhausted and practically worthless afterword.
Body Type: Lean but muscular
Occupation: Worked in the shop his mistress owns. She died long ago, now he just lives on the money that he inherited from her.
Personality: Sy is mostly very quiet and keeps to himself. He never mouths off to his mistress and considers himself a good boy. What his mommy knows won't hurt her though. He loves to talk the streets at night. Living Voodoo Dolls rarely sleep and when his mistress is down for the night Sy goes out hunting. Most of the time all he does is watch people, which tends to give them a creepy feeling. But once in a while, when given the proper victim he loves to fight to the death. He is a truly vicious fighter, sometimes wounding his prey long before he intends to kill them. He sometimes eats they're body parts while they're still alive just to torture them. He finds if fun and just punishment anyway. To nice people Syth is very sweet and loving and even cuddly. Once in a while Syth will be very attracted to a mean person and will love all over them even thought they are evil. He usually ends up killing them later though. Sy is very protective of his mommy and will defend her.
After She died...
He gave into his torture instincts for years... but finally calmed down when he began to spend time with loving people.
Short History: Syth was created when his mommy turned 80. She finally realized that she was too old to find love or happiness so she created someone to love. She had been a witch for years and owned a shop to buy assorted magical items. She was the founder and creator of the Living Voodoo Dolls and had made dozens of them before finally making one for herself. She loves her little Syth and pampers him. She knows he goes out at nice but believes that he is too innocent to ever do anything naughty.
Created By: Shrouded Cuteness
Bad guy or good guy? Good... though sometimes he go around and kills bad people for sport.
What won't this character do: Hurt someone who doesn't deserve it.
Clothing description: He likes punk clothes or even cute clothes. His favorite colors are black red and pink. He loves dressing up in costumes or being nakkie.

This is a new bio for his so ignore the ones in his pictures, thanks ^^

name == Angel Tempest Knight
gender == Male - Bisexual
age == Fourteen
eye color == Light sparkly blue
hair == White with blue streaks or bangs
skin == Very lightish
favorite color == Light Blue 67b0fb
marks == Tattoo on lower back. A winged scull
personality == Sweet but somewhat more conspiring and sexual
than his clueless brother. Angel understands that they're bodies will
always look thirteen and sometimes uses his young appearance to
his advantage.
history == Saint's Twin. INFO HERE
casual clothes == Black goth or emo clothes. Likes blue too.
Loves stripes, will wear plaid.
position == Vampy student

name == Saint Bliss Knight
gender == Male - Gay
age == Fourteen
eye color == Light sparkly blue
hair == White with pink streaks or bangs
skin == Very lightish, prone to blushing
favorite color == Pink fe87a9
marks == Tattoo on lower back. A winged ankh
personality == Sweet and cute. Tends to be clueless about
everything, including sex. Saint loves being cuddled but doesn't
quite understand why anyone would want anything beyond that.
He tends to love his vampire masters desperately.
history == Angel's Twin. INFO HERE
casual clothes == Black goth or emo clothes. Likes pink too.
Loves plaid, will wear stripes.
position == Vampy student

Shrouded Cuteness
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    When vampires and humans mate they create vampys. Half vampires half humans that grow as
    a human until they hit puberty, at which point they become immortal. Rich and old vampires try
    to avoid procreating because if a vampy is ever turned to a vampire than there power would
    surpass they're parents. And no vampire wants more vampires around stronger than him. But
    the poor or young vampires procreate as often as they can. It is relatively rare for a vampy to
    live until puberty, and even rarer that a human get pregnant in the first place. A male vampire
    may bed hundreds of human women before a successful spawning.

    Most young vampires leave they're child with the mother and stalk the family until the vampy is
    twelve or thirteen, than they swoop in one night and take the child. The child is carried to
    a place known as Terathayn, where they are raised as eternal and loyal companions.
    Young vampires are paid a great deal for there surrendering of offspring. But the school charges
    older and richer vampires much much more when the training is complete.

    Vampys have only two powers. One is there eternal life. They will never die or age, just like
    vampires. They also have very fast healing. They feel and usually hate pain just as much as
    normal children, but the subsequent wound heals very very quickly. Sometimes a fatal blow
    can heal within a few hours.


    The School has been around longer than anyone can remember. It centers around teaching the
    children not only loyalty but also good manors and anything they might need to know to please
    they're vampire master or mistress.

    The school of Terathayn is comprised of three domes raises far above the clouds on steal
    support beams. One smaller dome is the sleeping domicile for the students. The other is a large
    indoor grassy clearing surrounded by trees used as a gym. The sleeping domicile has a main
    room with games and couches and off of that there are small bedrooms with two beds in each of
    them. There is also a large group shower and bathroom. The domes are connected to the main
    dome by wooden bridges.

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    The bottom level of the main dome of Terathayn is the classrooms. Each classroom has a door
    that leads to a work room, which leads to a bed room for the teacher. All children take the same
    classes, but they're busy work and home work are of different levels.

    Pain Room- Punishment Class and general discipline
    Kitchen- Cooking and Drinking Class
    Dinning Room- Manors and Entertaining Guests Class
    Great Room- Dancing Class, Poise and Manors Class
    Music Room- Music Room
    Library- Literature Class
    Bathing Room- Bathing and Maintenance Class
    Roof- Off limits
    Outside- Off limits

    The middle floor of the dome has a large meeting room and a balcony that spans around the
    entire meeting room.

    The top room is a lush forest comprised in a glass dome. There is a very small swimming hole
    and fishing hole in the forest to keep the kids busy.

    Bellow Terathayn is a forest and mountain ranges. Some parents come to see they're children
    there, though this is not allowed. Also some children sneak out against the rules, though they
    almost always get caught on they're arrival back at Terathayn.

    Any teacher can institute a field trip by asking the headmistress if they can have one. To find the
    headmistress all one has to do is ask someone else where they think she is and she will almost
    always appear. The field trips should be appropriate for either the teacher's classes or the
    teachers extra curricular activities. Very seldomly the headmistress will take the kids on a field
    trip to the city.


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    While in classes the students are expected to wear they're
    school uniforms. They include a shirt, corset, belt, shorts,
    socks, shoes and a jacket. There are some classes where
    they will wear specific outfits, such as in bathing class, but
    unless otherwise stated they are to wear they're school
    uniform. Each student has three school uniforms.

    During off time and trips to town students can wear what
    they want. Students are allowed three non-uniform outfits.
    One jammies and two casual.

    They are not to keep too many items. They will be bought
    and sold between vampire masters and so they much be
    able to pick up and move in under an hour.

    Embellishments and jewelry are allowed, but cutting off
    sleeves, ect... are not. The socks and shoes are not
    necessary for classes, only for field trips.


    There are also days called open days when vampires are allowed to come to the school to just
    look around at the vampys. Some vampires choose they're vampys years before they are
    ready. Other vampires specifically look for vampys that are ready to go. No vampy is sold when
    he or she is not yet trained. The school prides itself on having excellently trained students. On
    open days students are expected to wear they're school uniforms.


    You may have your OC disobey the rules so long as you realized that you'll prolly get caught. If
    a teacher catches you than don't God Mod and say that you got away... no sorry, if a teacher
    decides to catch you than you're caught and will be brought to the Headmistress for punishment.

    1. No moving around the school at night.

    2. No doing or saying anything disrespectful to teachers.

    3. No going outside the school without permission.

    4. Do and hand in all of your homework on time.

    5. If you don't get good enough grades than your extra curricular activities will be suspended.

    6. Wear school uniforms to classes.

    7. Children can exchange rooms only if they ask the Headmistress's permission and they have a
    ligament reason.

    8. If you need to switch rooms you can PM the headmistress with valid reasons and she might
    change your room.

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Shrouded Cuteness

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