Name: Itami
Age: Unknown
Race: Dog Demon/Elemental

Itami is pretty dangerous, she may look pretty and nice but don’t let that deceive u she’s cold-hearted and hates just about everything. She doesn’t know much about herself or where she came from. She uses elemental power when time calls for it by using a red diamond in her forehead other wise she’ll just use her fist, claws, fangs, ect. She’s pretty much a loner doesn’t like to be around people that much, She also has a sacred sword, which has a demon inside and only obeys her and summons some terrible attacks even she doesn’t know why the sword picked her to be her master but doesn’t complain.

When she was a child she used to get fun of and every one rejected her because of the way she was, she grew up with so much hatred, she hated humans, she hated demons, she hated everything, she trusted once but the she was betrayed so she swore never to trust again but some girl came into her life, she wanted to kill her at first but then she grew fond of her that she decide to give this trust thing one more chance but with lots of caution. Then a few years later she got into a horrible fight with bunch of demons and other races to protect this girl she went an fought alone not knowing why she did that but as long as she was save she didn’t really care for some reason but because she went alone against all those who fought her, that night by the force of the battle she lost her memory and some of her abilities she no longer remembers. She was found wondering around the woods. A young demon boy found her and took care of her injuries. When she woke up she had no clue who she was, where she was at, why was she there, she didn’t know, all she knew is that she had to get out of there so without nobody noticing she left leaving only a small crimson red jewelry which she always carry around her neck she left it for the young man as a thank you.

Itamy Lived by herself, defended herself and took care of herself. She stayed away from all contact she never spoke when she was spoken too, she was quite and calm as snow but don’t piss her of that just maybe ur down fall. Even though she was alone and unafraid she waited for someone to know her to recognize her, for someone that could answer her questions, for someone that could tell her who she really was and where she belonged and if she belonged in this world.

That’s Itami's whole story crying am new around here so I haven’t gotten Itami to look the way I want her too am so depressed everything is so expensive crying stressed crying I still have a lot to do and so much thing to buy her to make her look like the story lol but oh well I’ll try my best wink wink I hope you guys liked her story 3nodding 3nodding bye bye.