Quotes. Just quotes. This is just for me to remember/keep track of the quotes. Each one will have an explanation. Random Quotes are Random. <3

Tee-hee! - Keyah's friend.
She yelled tee-hee at some laughing girls. We say it all the time now.

Oh no our duck is dead! - Me
I had this dream.. Where.. Well, long story short is a friend and me had a duck, it got tiny and died, and I yelled that in my dream.

walknig - Me
I always accidentally change words with "ing" to "nig."

Honestly - Honestly, it's from Halli

Mediuuuum. I wish I could see ghosts, that would be sweeeet. - Family Guy (Carter.)

Stefan thinks Michael is okay. - Sims 3
And so he did. : D

Ostriches, why are there so many ostriches? Ostriches, ostriches. - Keyah

Wait for this couple, wait for this couple! - Me
I had to fart. o3o

This is the Keyah song, about Keyah! Brown hair, and v****a! Show me dem big titties! Yeah! - Me
I could write love songs, don't you agree?

You're a whore, Peter! - I Love You, Man
What can I say? It's my favorite scene.

Literally - My brother.
Over excessive use of the word literally where it is not needed. It's hilarious.

Y'gonna eat that apple - I.. I don't know. Here.

I will hit you in the face with a salmon! - Me
I wrote it down on a piece of paper to Ice Cold Pizza. It is epic.

No more dancing, no more dancing, have a salad. - Myself
While playing the Sims 3. They kept dancing instead of eating their Autumn Salad.

There once was a pony who lived upon a rainbow~~! - Myself
o3o Very first quote.. Ever. &3 We were scared (or upset?) for one reason or antoher and she told me to say something funny and I, most gayly, sang this.

Shame shection - Me
I slurred to say 'same section' and she never let me forget it. &3

Can you get me a twinkie?! - The Hills Have Eyes
Yes, we pick things from movies :3 We just adore that quote.

I just put in that light there, and that disco ball, and the light reflects off the dico ball - Transformers
Ha! We actually do that wildly quivering arm gesture when we say this.

Hi, my names Janice, I'm a thirty year old male living in my mothers house.. Actually, I live in the basement, but sometimes in storms I get scared and stay in the house - Me
.. I can't really explain this one.. I was plaing Monkey Ball 2 on Gamecube and my friend was fiddling on her phone, and I randomly just stated this.. I don't know why.. ._.

Hi, I'm Laura Bush! - Me
This truely doesn't work unless you see/do the face. One eye goes cross-eyed and you msut say this with retarded enthusiasm. it all started when flipping channels and she was comming onto some political thing and said that. And I swore she sounded retarded enthusiastic and was cross eyed!

Baby, when I think about you, I think about love - AMV Hell 4
On AMV Hell 4's list it said this was actually from South Park but I give them credit because its from them that we quote. Its said in a robot voice =D
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_d1YHN6Nis THIS!! :'D

No Indiano! - Some Comedian
I really for the life of me can't remember which one, I was geussing Pablo Fransisco but damn if I could remember. If I remember I'll change this. Sorry. Anywho, heard it from one of the AMV Comedians (By Rubix89/RubixLCU) and fell in love with it.

"Do you Like That?," "That do you like?!," "Hurry, before the fog rolls in!" - Dane Cook
All three work. They're the best, and we love to say them. &3

"Della, I can see your buns~" "Thats because you have such huge rocks" - F33n3y and Della (my mother)
Finally, a quote from her xD We were camping and we were in the tent with the door open but the screen shut, and my mother bent down to help my brother and F33ney called this out. Apparently my brother was 'collecting' rocks and she was helping him with them, and didn't hear F33n3y and was replying to something my sibling said.

Turn out the light!! - Me
I was hyper.. In the car.. I dunno, they turned on the car light and I hissed and slammed my face to the window, clawing it as I hissed that out in a creepy tone.

A preist, a rabai, and a shamen walk into a bar. Except theres no rabai and no shaman and its actually my eighth birthday.. And the priest is molesting... And the priest is my dad and he's not a priest.. My dad molested me.... A lot - AMV Hell 4/Pete or Brian (I'm not sure which)
I proally spelled rabai wrong, but anyways.. I love this quote so hard. I laughed until I cried three times at it. Its a quote now, I say! :3