Yesterday we started to read of Mice and Men in English. We also had the fine arts assembly. But more importantly, we went to go see Watchmen and I liked it very much. Afterward, Nyssa and I went to go buy Resident Evil 5... the line of people getting it and another deal was scary. We also did a made Force Unleashed run and finally found it at Hastings.

I had to take the SATs at the Academy today. It was not fun. We took way too many breaks so it took forever to actually finish the test.

I relaxed by playing many hours of RE5. Ann and Andrea came over to finish up our group project and we ended up screaming like idiots when Chris was beheaded by a chainsaw guy. These chainsaw guys suck even more than the RE4 ones... These ones refuse to die. This RE is noticeably harder than the previous ones. I do love Sheva, the helpful chick. She has saved me many a time.

Watched the Dead Zone. It was good and very creepy.