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Roar: One Odd Adventure
The log of an odd crasy girl with nothing better to do...
hey i guess
haven't been on in forever..

i'm not here for good.
just stopping by to say

yes, i am still alive.

Damn You People
Ello Dorks and losers and cute drummer guys.
Hey I gots an Idea.
Just wondering.
Also are any of you cute drummer boys? Think so? Prove it.

12:00... in the morning...
goddamnit I'll just edit this later...
gonk stare

EDIT: I so forget what I ment to put here but oh well I'll just rant about something els. Dang, already tommorrows another year. Oh well... I'm bored, just woke up like an hour ago, really should go downstairs and eat but I dont want to....
Life's been ok for me to say the least, the more I read all my friends journals, though, the more I relasie(sp?) how lucky I am and how good my life is. I don't know...
My christmas was great, to tell the truth I really didnt get everything I wanted but thats my own damn fault for not speacking up about it.. Anyway I got lots of stuff.. most of it not even asked for but I got the main things I wanted (a scanner, A MP3 player, and a minifrigde) plus lots of other (small) junk I didnt ask for but love none the less, only things I didn't like were half the clothes my grandama got me, and the two makeup sets I got. I mean I don't wear make up. I have no use for one, let alone 2! The worst pant is not that I have most of it put away.. I forget its there even the junk I had actally asked for...

I've been ored almost the whole hoildays, Dennis and Alex came over at the beging of last week, and we had lots of fun (or atleast i did) They must of though cause they said they were going to come back the next day (never did to say the least). Dennis kept asking if Alissia would be able to come over and Alex was disapointed that Brenda wasn't there, I admit I got jealouys(sp) >.<
I hung out with my other friend Alissia most of the time (at her house or the PX her mum wouldnt allow her to come over >.&lt wink spent way more money than I needed to...

Bought to of those silly Tamagthi connection thingys but only cause they were 50% off of $14 and also had a $5 instant rebate on them so the came out to two bucks.

Tis a very boring day. Tis raining but oh well.
I can't go outside but I'll live I mean its not like theres ever anything to do.
It sucks this is such a boring neighbor hood and the only person worth talking to ish B. B. but me mum said I can't talk to him cause hes such an a*****e when his friends are around but hes very nice when its just thye tweo of us or when we're talking online. I don't mind it though but me mum just doesnt under stand I wish she would just mindhe own bees wax. I at least hopes she lets me go to the movies cause
AVP is playing and I want to see that. IDK maybe if I lucky Denis will be there or even bb for that matter but I'd rather it be dennis I mean he is the cute one bb well hes bb I don't know how else to explain it. He ish kindas cute but hes just not my type.
Dennis on the other hand ish cute- not that cute but cuteness isn't really what matters- and hes has such a great personatily. Hes nice too me even in frount of his friends. and hes really sweet.

Any who hopes hes there...

Ok so I ish gonna save up for this:

User Image

Morgana's Dress
Witch dress should I wear tonight!?

Gender: Female
Equip: Upper Body

Price: 2500 gold

I have a bad problem with donateing to peoples i only gots around 5o gold crying

* Become an mod ok so its a long shot but I'd love to be a mod
*get a nitemare scarf
* other things...

Ok, Ok so some times I use odd words... so why not make a dictionary.

eventual= awsome, cool
ish= is
teh= the

ok so thjats it for now I forgot what else I was going to put here. I'll add moree later

eventual, very eventual
Wow, just wow this is such an eventual day...
Well.. not that eventual but oh well I had fun.
Thats all that matters.

I don't Know
Ok I'm making this at like 6:44 in the morning..
I haven't even got fully dressed yet... O.o
Still gotta put in my contacts too...
I gotta go do that...

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