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Zero's Book of stuff..
just random stuff
I know life has to move on but can we stay a little longer?
Casey.. I don't know what's going on but I'm sorry that things have to be like this.. I don't know what you're going through and I'm not trying too.. But I want to.. For some reason I want to help.. I don't give a damn if I know you or not, like I tell my bro's, If you need something and I can help, I'll be the first one to say hey let's do this. Well something in me wants to at least try to help.. I know It's not much and since you said that you quit gaia I know that there's a chance that you're never going to read this but, I feel this needs to be at least wrote out so it gives you the chance of reading it one day.. I'm sorry for all the death that has fallen around you in the course of you're life.. I don't know what that's like and I pray I don't have too, but you do and for that I am sorry because there are just somethings that we shouldn't have to go through in our lives. But I know, that would be living in a fairy tale.. I hope the thing's that are mind ******** you so much, clears up in an instant and that you have some clarity to see things that you need to see to make things better. -hugs- I'm sorry that you're scared to be around me but I'm not dieing anytime soon. I made a promise and I wont die until it's met. So with all honesty, I'd love to met one day to chill and maybe see where things go from there. But If you don't wanna just chill and talk to me like a human being about these things.. That way maybe we can come up with a way to either resolve whatever it is or make it better, then I am truly with all my heart, not even wanting to type this, sorry, cause I know there are some things that you need to work out on you're own but damn.. I thought we could talk, Well I have one last question for you and If.. If you ever read this cause I will know.. and If we ever meet you have to answer it for me. ok? Cause I think I'm not gonna have time here coming up to even keep up this online stuff for a bit but.. -shrugs- Like I said you can only answer it when we meet so even if we talk after this.. if you do ever decide to check back, I don't want the answer! Anyway's... What color cross's my mind more then any other? (:

I'm still gonna be here being me regardless, and smiling every day cause I promised this pretty rave girl that I would. :3

Laterz :3
Steven -P- Dodge.

(: <3

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