Interested? PM me your avatar and I'll see what I can do~

The chibis I do aren't super awsome rad over the top quality, I know it. I do it for fun and if you actually don't like them, well don't bother. I'd prefer to do them black and white, but if I'm motivated enough, and if you're too, I'm pretty sure we can make an arrangement.

Liste d'attente:
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

Pret ou pas?

Le coût:
My chibis don't have a price set,
so pay me however you feel like it.
More than 1k please?

Les hauts et les bas:
- head
- couple
- boys
- girls
- non cluttered
- cuteness
- elegance
- ask, and I'll tell you.

- mechas
- body hair other than on your chibi's head
- baldness (erm, it just feels wrong)
- groups of 4 or more.¸
- cluttered
- anything else than your avatar
- dark, knight-ish, death whatsoever.
- buck teeth (it's a big no.)
- legs

Tu dois savoir que:
- I like to draw headshots
- I suck at legs, period.
- I expect at least 1k.
- If you're nice I might give it free.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~