I've decided to start publishing my dreams.

I enter the dream standing on my road. I look behind me and see someone walking up to me, in a black suit. I start to run full sprint down the road, and after a little I started to thrash my arms around. Slowly lifting off the ground, like a goose, or some other bird, I stopped moving my arms. I found that I was gliding. I came to follow the road and around my town until I arrived at the lake. I sped straight down the road. Then, my vision cut form that scene and cut into a car, looking into it form the front. It was Seinfeild and Kramer, Kramer driving. He said something, I do not remember what, and did his classic movement which he touches his hair. Their car crashed and I woke.

I liked the feeling of flight in this dream. It really felt quite real, really.