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At the desk
Ahhhh.. what's it been a year or two? this whole journal thing hasn't really come to mind often, so over the long hiatus I've gotten a PS2, a DS, and other stuff. Laurie got s new boyfriend and Piper got a pillow to sleep on in the living room. Happy Cinco de Mayo on Saturday! WHOO!

HAHAHAHA!! I LIED! THERE IS NO PART TWO! Actually, I just forgot what it was about. Mainly because school is in and math is hard. Plus I got my old avi back on now! For halloween and all, check out my avi art in meh sig too.

Oh meh jesus.....stuff is going on...bad and good.....therefore I have decided to tell...THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!! Aren't you luck? Every single one of you.
Good side: Awesome party on Saturday, lots of violence and no sleep. Plus I found the worst multi-player game ever. Halo 2. Some of the quotes I will soon get will be stuff like, "N00b! Halo 2 rox lol!" or "You dumbass, Halo 2 freakin' rocks." Anyways I found the one of the best multi-player game ever. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Don't ask me what Echoes means, 'cause I have no idea. Now I'll suspense you all with......

To be continued.....

Ok now go to youtube and look for Carlos Mencia's dee dee dee song, I'm going to post my favorite part of the song so I can remember the awesomeness.

You wake up one day,
and you don't have the skills
to get up at your job
So your stuck on the grill
and you're wondering why
Joolio took your job
but you forget to see
you're as dumb as a knob
now your a** is to fat
to get out of the house
and you're eating more food
trying to figure it out
Why they out source my job
To some guy named Habib
'Cause he worked harder than you
and he's got five degrees
And you're asking yourself
"How could this happen to me?"
'Cause you're a
Dee dee dee........

Been a while hasn't it? Lots has been happening, mostly good things. We'll leave it at that for now, anyway, just few suggestions for anybody looking for a new anime series. Fooly cooly (FLCL) and chobits. Plus check this awesomeness out, I can relate 'cause I'm mexican. Awesome link!

Hooray! I found a plce for my house today, only problem is that I don't have freakin' plug in and my sis won't let me get it...Oh well, it's still a good place to come and hangout with me! 2713 barton, 9th square.

'Sup? Yeah I haven't been writing recently sorry I know big bummer. Any way I found hilarious pics, there are two of three in my profile view if you dare. And ther's also this!
User Image

Sorry I haven't been writing recently, I've been...occupied...yeah. Anywho, it's been great, I finally found Foamy the squirrel cartoons, frickin' sweet. I also found a great game on newgrounds as well. Punk-o-matic. Try it out, also frickin' sweet.

I know I made this to talk about stuff outside gaia, but I need to make an exception. Anyway... wahmbulance WAAAAAAHHH! wahmbulance I can't figure out how to make my profile flippin' sweet! Other peoples have stuff with customs....Oh well. If anyone would be nice and post a comment to tell how I can do it, feel free to do so.

Kane Hiroshi
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Kane Hiroshi
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