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My mind seems to be filled with these...

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Final Fantasy VIII Character Profile: Aras Bangerc
Name: Aras Bangerc

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Residence: Town of Balamb


SeeD cadet uniform
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Normal clothes
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Alpha form
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Not Visible: A bluish/purplish/greyish '-' shaped birthmark on the back of her left ankle and several faint scars on her back(between shoulder blades and bottom of spine) her elbows, and forehead(just below hairline). Right eye will flicker blood red when she gets very angry.

History:There are two parts to this quiet girl's history; the part that she tells to anyone who asks and the part that only her two Guardian Forces know.

The part that she willing tells is very simple. She claims that she can only remember her past as far back as age ten and that she was an orphan. She didn't know where she came from, who she was, or how she wound up in the wilderness outside of Winhill. For about a month, the ten year old girl wandered the forests and grass lands with only her two cat companions(that were a pair of rather unique Guardian Forces) at her side. This setup was fine until an attack from a monster left the girl, who had no name at this point, injured too severely for the cats to handle. Despite this, they did their best to mend the wound only for it to get badly infected later and force them to seek help from someone in the town.

Help came in the form of a young man by the name of Ryan Bangerc, a former Galbadian Field Medic who had come to the quiet, little town of Winhill to escape from the chaos everywhere else in the world. The poor man did not know that his peaceful life was going to take random turn when he chose to take a nice twilight walk that night, nor did he know cats could get so...big. That was the first thing he saw as White Raven stalked into the town entrance with Black Lion following, his wings folded awkwardly like he was trying to hide something. Both cats looked nervous as they stared down the just as nervous Ryan, who grew more nervous as the gigantic tabby padded up to him and asked very politely if he could help them.

After a brief snicker-fit and questioning himself if he was insane, the man merely said he could try and was brought over to the freshly scarred Black Lion. As the cat lifted his wings, Ryan had to step back from the shocking state of the girl that the wings had concealed. A serious glare quickly replaced his shocked expression as he gently brushed the sweat soaked hair away from the girl's face and was able to feel how hot her skin was. Without even waiting to a explanation, the man ordered the cats to follow him back to his home only to realize that the scene of him rushing down the street with two giant cats following would look really bad.

As if reading Ryan's thoughts, Black Lion asked if the man would carry the unconscious girl for him. As soon as the girl was taken from him, the cat shape-shifted and became a little kitten as White Raven did the same to become a tomcat. That problem solved, the three basically ran the whole way to the man's house where he was able to examine the very infected gash on the girl's side. Ryan did his very best to clean and dress the wound, but wasn't sure if it would do any good or if the poor child would survive the night. It was now he turned to the talking cats and asked them about the girl. All he was able to get from them was that they found the girl wandering alone and that it was a monster that had attacked her, they would not sat anything about where she came from. The man gave up at this point and went to bed, half-hoping that this was all in his head and praying that the girl would make it through the night.

She did and after a few days she was able to move about the house, exploring every part of it she was allowed until the cats decided that they had burdened Ryan long enough. The man wouldn't hear any of this however and asked them to stay with him, saying that it wasn't good for a child to grow up without at least a father. After being told thank you by the girl and the cats, Ryan realized that he had forgotten to introduce himself and then found that the girl had no actual name. After thinking for a moment, the man came up with one and named the girl 'Aras' after a childhood friend of his then gave her his last name as well, unofficially adopting the girl as his daughter.

When Aras turned 13, she, Ryan, and the two cats moved to Balamb so Aras could get an education from the Garden there. Ryan was not very fond of the Galbadia Garden and feared that if he sent the girl there that they would end up destroying her gentle spirit and so sent her to Balamb Garden instead. She did pretty well considering she was enrolled at such a late age and seemed to excel in of all things; combat. Unfortunately the other students started getting nervous of her when rumors started circulating about the strange demeanor Aras seemed to take on during fights; that she seemed more animal than human. This left the poor girl with nearly no friends aside from her cats which had been renamed; White Raven was now Kyle-Kitty(suggested by Ryan) and Black Lion chose Squall-Kitty after running into a boy that the kitten thought looked like him that had that name. Aras soon started to develop a crush on this boy, but never had the courage to act on it.

Things continued like this up to the point when she became 18, resulting in Aras becoming very shy and rather timid around people and ended up being one of the reasons she failed the Field Exam that would have let her go on the Dollet Mission. Aras and her GFs seemed to be seen less and less around the Garden after the SeeD Ball until they disappeared all together, leaving poor Ryan wondering what happened to them. They didn't resurface until about a two weeks later looking as if they hadn't been eating and had been in more fights than anyone would care to count. Even a year after all of this, Aras still doesn't tell anyone about what happened during those two weeks, because it would mean them finding out about the ten years of her life that she claims not to know about.

The truth of the matter is that she knows quite well where she came from, how she ended up near Winhill, and that she will never truly fit in among humans because she isn't one. Aras fears how people would react if they found out that she had been created by scientists under the orders of none other than Ultimecia in order to find out if it was possible to make GF-Human hybrids. The girl was generated using DNA from the Time Witch's very own Griever and was titled: GHH-α(Griever-Human-Hybrid) or 'Alpha'. At first the scientists thought that they had failed when baby that was created bore no signs of the GF DNA and so marked the experiment a failure, giving the child away.

Unfortunately, four years later they found that they had been wrong when they were sent to retrieve the girl after she shifted and killed the family that had taken her. She was quickly brought back to the lab and was placed in a heavy duty cage where she was to be kept until something could be done with her. It was here that the child met two other creatures like herself, failed experiments caged up and left to be forgotten. They were a pair of enormous, winged saber tooth cats that went by the names of GC-36 and GC-42 and had been the only two attempts at cloning the Griever that survived. The girl slowly began to build a friendship with her furry cellmates, eventually giving them new names; 36 becoming White Raven and 42 becoming Black Lion.

She learned that the two cats at one point had been assigned to act as hidden guards for another sorceress, but had failed their duty and were brought back to be disposed of. That had been about five years ago and it was to be six more years before the day came for someone remembered to do it. Though the scientist had only come to prepare the girl for an assignment that Ultimecia had ordered she be put on, he remembered that the two felines should have been gotten rid of and left to set up for that. Not wanting her only friends to be destroyed, the child asked the cats if there was anything that she could do to help them and there was; allow them to hide in her mind the way a normal GF would. The girl agreed and by the time the scientist came back, the cats were gone and he only had the girl to deal with.

Once she was prepared(forcibly shifted human), she found out that she was to be sent through time to the past to act as a hidden guard for a new sorceress. Not having a choice in the matter, the now ten year old girl was quickly sent to the past but due to an accident during the time travel the girl did not land where she was meant to. Because of the GFs hidden in her mind, she could not remember who or what she was, leaving the cats having to take care of the girl. This was how she ended up near Winhill though she target had been a small, seaside orphanage much further south with no memories of herself. A month later, she and the cats met Ryan and the girl was given the name of Aras.

It would take 8 years for Aras to regain the memory of what she was and what she was supposed to be doing, leading her and the cats to disappear to begrudgingly become the hidden guards for Edea. The three went completely unseen and witnessed everything involving Squall and the others up to the Compression of Time, when Aras was ordered back to act as Ultimecia's attack dog. This is where the girl had to face the toughest battle of her life; fighting the very man she had secretly loved for a several years. With a heavy heart and troubled mind, Aras stood on the bridge that led to the Time Witch's with her two feline summons and waited until the scarred warrior and his friends arrived. It was now that she had to reveal who she truly was as she blocked their path and informed them that they had to get past her to get to Ultimecia.

Shifting behind her, White Raven and Black Lion acted quickly to separate the Unlikely Hero from his friends, explaining in hushed voices that this fight was between him and Aras only. Ignoring all the questions being shouted at her, the girl picked up her swallow, apologized and attacked and the battle was started. It didn't take long for Squall to beat the girl, knocking her weapon away from her and had started to walk away when she climbed to her feet, telling him that she wasn't down yet. Crying out in pain, Aras began to shift into the creature she had been created to be and with tears running down her face, lept at the one she loved again. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't hold back on her attacks, launching off her strongest attacks but warning Squall to dodge them and telling him that he would be facing the same attacks from the Time Witch. The fight continued until finally, Aras couldn't take the pain coming from her heart and smiled sadly as she let the warrior land the final blow.

She woke up not long after and found herself on the ship Ragnarök, most of her wounds healed, finding out for her summon friends that Squall had told them to take her to the ship. She found out from those still on board(Ellone, Laguna, Ward, and Kiros) that the battle against the Time Witch had started and despite being told to stay by them and her own Summons, Aras left the ship to help end the battle. By the time she got to the battleground, only two of the original six still stood against the true form of Ultimecia who called to the girl as she landed between the opposing sides still in her hybrid form. To the Time Witch's enraged shock and last standing warriors' surprise, Aras walked toward the Witch's enemies and turned to face her, ready to fight.

When asked why she was doing this, the girl simply said she was repenting for her sins as she turned to the two warriors and addressed them by strange titles: 'Sleeping Lionheart' and 'Heart Wings'. Before Ultimecia could move to attack, a blinding light erupted from all three as Aras merged her powers with those of Squall and Rinoa, turning the three into a single entity in the form of a massive sliver lion with giant white wings. Three eyes opened on the cat's face; the right ice blue(Squall), the left brown(Rinoa), and in the center of the forehead was a hazel one(Aras). With a earth rattling roar, the winged beast attacked and in a few short moments beat the Time Witch down and launched off a final devastating attack to finish her off. As the Time Compression fell apart, the three were separated and Aras found herself lost in time, eventually finding that she was in fact what had knocked her off course all those years ago.

After that, the girl found herself lost in an seemingly endless desert which soon led her to a cliff where, to her surprise, she found Squall sitting alone. The two had both gotten lost on the way back home and seemed doomed to wander lost int time forever. Aras used this time to fully apologize for all the wrongs she committed and for waiting until the last minute to help, glad to find that she was forgiven. She can't recall much of what happened after that, only that she remembered hearing someone approach when she was protecting the fainted warrior only to leave him with Rinoa.

It tore her heart apart when she knew she had to accept that Squall and Rinoa were meant to be together because the girl knew that she would never be able to stop loving the scarred warrior. As she continued to wander lost until she started hearing voices calling to her; the sadden worried voice Ryan and the twin crying meows of Kyle-Kitty and Squall-Kitty. She followed the voices until they grew closer and closer until she could see the cats running toward her and as soon as they tackled her to the ground she knew she was home.

It's now a year after all of this and Aras' life has returned to what it once was, her only friends are still her cats and she still lives with the former field medic who saved her life. She made Squall and those who were with him promise her to never tell anyone about what she really was, never telling even Ryan what had happened to her. This is also her last year to try to become a SeeD before her age gets her dismissed from the Garden.

Personality: For the most part Aras is a sweet and gentle person, but she can be rather nasty if she gets mad. Very shy when she first encounters someone she doesn't know, but once she warms up to them, Aras can become rather hyper at times. She is very respectful to those she feels are of a higher station than her and offer her help to anyone who wants it. She is slightly oblivious at times, usually when it comes to noticing someone's feelings toward her, but at the same time she hides her feelings toward someone. Aras will do everything in her power to comfort someone when they need and will defend her friends and family even it it means she may lose her life. But be warned should you make her angry for there is a chance that you will see her darker side. Aras can become very vicious when angered and even very violent if poked to the point of rage, some even claim that her rage causes her to change into a terrifying creature.

Weapon: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. <-Clicky! The blade in the center.

Guardian Force(s):

Note: Aras' GF's are unique in the fact that they do not reside in her mind when not in use. Instead they take on the forms of house cats and follow Aras where ever she goes and both are able to speak to humans.

Name: GC36-White Raven aka Kyle-Kitty
Species: Related to Griever(Failed Clone)
Appearance: House Cat Form: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. <-Clicky! True Form: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. <-Clicky!
Height In True Form: 6ft. at shoulder

Personality: Kyle-Kitty is very much the 'Older Brother' type, always looking out for Aras and Squall-Kitty and doing his best to keep them safe. This unfortunately leads to the GF to over-react to males getting close to Aras and causes him to chase them off in one way or another. He is very respectful to the Garden staff, cadets and SeeDs as long as they are respectful to him. Kyle-Kitty tends to come off as very serious, but he does know when to laugh and enjoys playing with his little brother.

Attacks: Pins of Light; All Enemies: This attack is similar to the 'Holy Judgment' move that the GF Alexander does but with a few twists. When it's activated, White Raven will gather up power in his wings and when there's enough, he snaps his wings forward to fling the energy at his enemies. The energy then takes the form of a rain of needle-like silver light that impales the targets and holds them down.

Silver Wing Aura; All Enemies: Starting about the same way that 'Pins of Light' starts, with the gathering of power in his wings. However the launch of this attack and it's strength is far different. Once enough power is gathered, the silver aura that forms take the shape of a raven which is then either launched at the opponent as a huge raven, a murder of smaller ravens, or the summon merely dive-bombs the opponent while the aura is still on him

Name: GC42-Black Lion aka Squall-Kitty
Species: Related to Griever(Failed Clone)
Appearance: House Cat Form: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. <-Clicky! True Form: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. <-Clicky!
Height In True Form: 4ft. 6in. at shoulder

Personality: The opposite of his older brother and the one he named himself after for the most part, Squall-Kitty shares their loyalty but is very playful. He loves climbing up people and perching on their shoulders, typically without asking and won't pass up a chance to cause mischief. He gives his respect only to those he feels have earned it and gets a kick out of trying to play matchmaker for Aras.

Attacks: Tail Blade Blast; Single Enemy: A simple but effective attack that uses the blade on Black Lion's tail. When slashing at an enemy with his tail, he can trigger a large explosion, dealing more damage then the slash alone.

Unlikely Hero; Single-All Enemies: When activated, Black Lion's scar begin to glow as he attacks, unleashing one of four secondary attacks:

Rough Divide; Charges at single enemy and preforms a rising slash with tailblade.

Fated Circle; jumps up into the air while charging energy into his tailblade. At the peak of his jump he spins his tailblade 720 degrees around himself (he only rotates 360 degrees) and releases a shockwave that damages all enemies

Blasting Zone; A column of light shoots out of the tailblade, which is then used to crush all enemies.

Lionheart; The tailblade takes on a pale blue glow as he knocks a single enemy into the air then unleashes a devastating flurry of 18 attacks. ((Attack Source for all: Squall Leonhart; FF VIII)) [Will use a 4-sided dice to determine which attack gets used]

Limit Breaker(s): Human Form: Shape-shift; Whether by choice or accidental, Aras has the power to change her form to the creature she had been created to be. When in this form her strength, speed, even her resistance to pain go up. Aras does not like having to shift in front of others and will only use this form as a last resort in public. This form also grants Aras two other Limit Breaks.

Alpha Form: Hell's Judgment; All Enemies; Reduces HP to 1: This attack is the Alpha Form's second to strongest attack. First she will build up the power for the attack, making her right eye glow with an eerie crimson light. Once enough power is gathered, it is released, forming what looks like an alchemist's transmutation circle under the targets. A red colored vortex then comes up from the circle and the attack finishes with a ring of fire. Video of it(first minute of it) ((Attack Source: Ultimecia-Final Form, FF VIII)) [This action can be split up into two or more posts if used against a PC]

Shockwave Pulsar; All Enemies; 3000+ to 5000+ Damage: This is the most destructive attack that Aras possesses and is the final proof of the Griever DNA that flows in her blood. At the start of this attack, she crosses her arms over her chest to build up energy that soon forms around the targets, enveloping them in a sphere of white light. When all targets in range are in these spheres, they lift up and dissappear into the sky; ending up in a strange realm. Once there, the targets are deposited as a pillar of light forms in front of them and within the pillar forms a black sphere which quickly explodes in a blinding negative super nova. Video of it.. ((Attack Source: Griever, FF VIII)) [This action can be split up into two or more posts if used against a PC]

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