So I've watched a couple of youtube videos of people ranting about how the way gaia was ran before was so different. And that it's not fair how newbs get so many stuff when they start out. Seriously, get a life. I started gaia b/c my friend and I had the same interest, and told me about this site. I joined it to join her guild. I've had a lot of fun. But, I never begged, I never spammed, I never did any of the s**t that so many older members complain and label newbs for.

Seriously, if all you have in bragging rights is that you've been on here since '03, '04, or pretty much any year other than the current one, then you need to get a life. Honestly. When I joined, I didnt' realize how upset people got with new people getting a newbie set of clothes. What the hell is the big deal? Sure, I can say, "Yay, I started with a bunch of shitty clothing when the older members had to start off with peseant clothes!" Ofcourse, I dont' brag about that kinda s**t, b/c it's lame. But, all the older members atleast have some of the raresest items on gaia. Items I sure as hell can't afford in gold.

Some new people spam, and beg for gold. Yeah, I'm happy to say I never did it. Realize these people are probably young, and have a no clue what they are doing. You live and learn, eventually they'll figure out that what they're doing is stupid, and eventually stop.

Gaia would be a better comunity if people would just help the newbies figure out the ropes, instead of hating them for it.

******** this s**t!