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My World
It's a record of my experiences in and outside Gaia. I'm patient that' virtue I value. I Love thinking of the best quotes in life expecially in love.
Resilience and Insensitivity to change
Yesterday I learned a valuable insight with regard to hoping for change and inviting people to appreciate change whether positive or negative and their impact on the community.

Through the times I spent working on gaia alchemy I developed a dream. That one day there would be a lot of people who would help other out in the craft. Inflation made everything worse so I began to sell things slightly lower but business wise profit from the endeavor.

I joined Alchemy Lost Manuscripts guild in the hopes that I would meet people who would share be clinging to the same goal. At first it was great, but then, realization came that even its members aren't willing to commit for the greater good. I knew some who would but compared to the number of people who wouldn't, it's swimming against the tides.

I dedicated my time on research, coming up ways to tackle this and that for alchemy. Observing the marketplace and all that tedious stuff. Perhaps, I could do more than accept alchemists can be incapacitated by inflation.

I wasted my energy for nothing.

It seems that things that have been practiced on the past over and over again left the community to be insensitive to it. Alchemy could have been more if more enthusiasm was put into it. But no. the insistence of a thought that everything has been covered and discovered. All formulas and etc talks about the system mastered.

Nothing comes new because there's nothing new?

Well that makes perfect sense, its common sense. I don't have that sense. Never had common sense or used one. I only had one sense, my own. The common sense is to move with the stream no matter how dull it could be. The common sense is to let things just as it is because there's no merit in doing so as perceived.

Thank the geniuses of old times for humanity's progress. They didn't have common sense, they had their own sense. Imagination. A road doesn't have to be a straight line.

A system can be flawed and gaia alchemy is no exception. There are more areas to explore it's just that there's less motivation to do so. Bonus Item Phenomenon, if its already been there then why the hell isn't anyone else doing something to know about it?

Alchemy community is resilient to change and people (most) are personally driven to drain each other's resources out. A good option is to find someone whom to work with and wow, does that actually change anything.

Maybe inflation is just another coincidental system punishment.

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