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Rozen's Last Will & Testimony...
Poetic Spells and the beginning of a story.
Chapter One: The Empires
Ages ago on a far off continentental landmass, known as Prokto by the inhabitants, reigned
two kingdoms; the Arkton Empire and the Durvah Empire. The Durvinian's ruled the western half of
the continent whilst the Arktonian's ruled the eastern expanse. The kingdoms were very harmonious
with one another, yet the clans were so different. The Durvinan's were a clan of strength and valor,
and the Arktonian's were based on wisdom and magick.

The Durvinian's were an enchanted race that flurished peacefully with their surrounding regions. They bared remarkable traits that resembled feline like in nature, for they bore feline tails that were half the length of the body height. Retractable claw like nails from there fingers, large feline ears protruding from their heads, and small hairs covering their bodies. Each of these traits come with special characteristics abilities, such as better balance, a formitable natural weapon in battle, inhanced hearing for tracking and hunting, and their fur aids them in warmth during the harsh and frigid storms that occur during the solstice. All this combined with their superlative strength, unbenounced agility and rapid attack speed, the Durvinian's were an opposing force.

The only force that could match the Durvinian's power was the Arkton Empire. The Arktonian's were a race much more mysterious then the Durvinian's. The Arkton's were an ancient and mystic race of elves long sought to have never existed. This ancient race became well known for their dragonic blood and traits. These traits consisted of wings, some scaled others skin flaps and very few were feathered, this ancient race also had a high resistance to heat and their dragonic blood gave them longer lives then the other elves of Prokto and more powerful magick and a dragons sense of tranquility.

The King of the Durvah Empire may of lived harmoniously with the Arkton Empire, but little was said about him and his subject under his reign. For it was required that all subjects were to pay a 40 gold tax to the King ever middle day of every month, when the sun is at it's highest. On those dreaded days the guards of the castle would wonder from village to village holding large reticules to collect their payments. On many occasions payment was not optional, thus the guards were instructed to take the eldest child to the castle so they could perform painstaking tasks and many hours of labor to work off their parent's debt. Some children have gone several times, for gold was scarse in the kingdom, seeing how the King had it all, or close to it all anyways. Many were forced to work for the King as many others went into the profession of thievery and stole from the citizens of the Arkton Empire. When the debt was finally paid off, the children would return only when the guards would return the following month, if the parents could pay that is. Several ventured off and joined the Arkton Empire only to return to back to the Durvah Empire, for the Arkton king was no better then the Durvinian King. The Arktonian King felt that he deserved more from his subjects, thus his guards were instructed to go door to door of every village under his reign and collect 50 gold and a piece of livestock from their farmland. Of course, no everyone could offer 50 gold and an animal from the farm, thus the guards were ordered to take the eldest child, or only child, from the homes of the non-payers and to auction them off to the highest paying Partician in the castle's courtyard. Many villagers were outraged, for far to many never saw their children again, but no one had the power to stand against their King.

After days of silence between the Empires, it came to pass a rumor of a small island to the south of Prokto, and that many from both Kingdoms were planning to venture to it and start their own little colony. Rouges sent from both the Arkton King and the Durvah King found this rumor to be true. From this information, the Durvah King and the Arkton King gathered forth their guards and arranged ways to travel to that island. Neither King was aware that either knew of the island, thus their natural greed consumed them for they both were determined to claim the island for their own, and with that they set off, the Durvinian's set voyage by sea, taking a weeks time to reach the island, and the Arktonian's set forth by air, taking less then five days to reach the island. Who would make the island theirs...no one would know.

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