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The Story of Mizu Yonago and Sasuke Uchiha
Book One: Love and Hate...
Chapter One

Mizu Yonago, now an eight year old child, walked with her mother to her first day of the Academy, her honey golden eyes were bright and eager. Today, Mizu wore an aqua dress with a white long sleeved T-shirt underneath. Her hair was pulled back into a half pony tail, her black bangs, in contrast to her strawberry blonde hair, were the same as usual, parted and went up then down, like her mothers.

As they approched the Academy building, Mizu began to feel uneasy. She had always been awfully shy, when she was a young baby, people would think she was autistic. In truth, she was just a sweet, quiet kid who was akwardly shy to strangers. Mizu tugged on her mother's skirt, "M-Mommy... I... I'm scared!" she whispered. Kimasha chuckled. She got on her knee's and said, " Now now, Mizu, everyone is scared on there frst day for something! I felt that way when I came to Konaha!" she smiled a caring smile, "But there is nothing to be afraid of. Those kids are as scared as you, they just show it differently than most." she brushed her hand through ther daughters hair and said in a gentel, soothing tone, "There only kids, like you. You'll do fine sweet pea." Kimasha kissed Mizus' forehead.

Mizu nodded, her mother was right, she was always right. She just had to be strong. When they entered the outside of the Academy, some boys were playing on the monkey bars, Girls with short hair (to about the ends of their ears) giggling. Mizu felt out of place already because of her long hair. Most, if not all, girls in Konaha would cut there hair short before starting the Academy. It was different in the Rain Village, a girl could choose to have her hair cut, most didn't want to, but they would cut it as they got older so they didn't worry about it in the mist of battle. Mizu wanted to keep her hair long, because she knew, like her mother, she could just pull it back and not worry about it. She looked up at her mother, terrified. Kimasha smiled, and patted her head affectionatlly. She hugged her and said, "The ceramony will start soon, have fun!" She went to sit where the adults were and have adult conversations.

Mizu looked around and found a swing set near by the monkey bars and ran to it. She sat, but didn't swing, she looked around to see the kids. there were four boys playing on the monkey bars. One had blonde hair and blue eyes with what seemed like whiskers painted on his cheaks. Another had dark brown hair and had red triangles on his cheaks. One had black, neatly brushed hair that seemed to shine purplely in the light, his eyes were brown and he wore what looked like swimming goggles around his neck. And the last one, had lighter brown hair, tanned skin, and blue eyes, but for some reason, he had an orange cat tail and orange cat ears. it was odd, but cute.

She looked at the group of girls, they were all very gigglely, especally a blone one in a yellow top and light purple skirt. Mizu sighed, she would never fit in, she was too quite and had too long of hair. She looked around some more, there was one, kinda tubby boy on a bench eating some barbque flavored chips near the sand box which had a boy with his hair pulled back laying down in the sand, watching the clouds. She looked alittle bit farther away from the sand box and saw a boy with sunglasses on, watching an ant hill. Mizu turned around to see another boy walking up to the swings, or more likely, her! The boy had black hair which stood up in the back, black eyes. He wore a black long sleeve shirt with a colar type thing, covering his neck, white shorts and black shoes. Mizu had to agree, he was awfully cute. She blushed really hard, her face almost looked like a strawberry! she wanted to turn away, but her body wouldn't move a musle! The boy came up to the swings and he smiled at Mizu, "Hi." he said to her. Mizu could back out now, she had to say something now! She stood, "uh-um.... H-Hi... I-I'm Mizu Yo-Yonago." she was a little bit afraid, but she had said it loud enough. The boy grinned, "I'm Sasuke Uchiha." he held out his hand, "Nice to meet you!" he was so nice!

Mizu gulped alittle, but she had to be polite. She extended her hand and shook his. She turned a little bit redder, and she cought a glimpse of those gigglely girls who had stopped gigglely! Now they were wide eyed, angry looking, and whispering amung themselfes. Mizu smiled at Sasuke, he seemed really nice, but why? When their hands let go he smiled and she did too. Just then a gong came out of no were! calling all of the children off the playground to the Academy Induction Ceramony. Sasuke looked at Mizu, " We'll talk later, i hope." Mizu nodded, "O-Okay." as he took off, Mizu couldn't help but look at the not-so-gigglely girls. They all seemed to glare at her. Now she knew what they were giggling about. About Sasuke! Now she had really ticked them off!


At the end of the ceramony, Mizu was with her mother. She kept looking around for Sasuke, no luck. She looked up a her mother, "Mommy, when does class start?" she asked, trying not to sound anxious. Kimasha smiled, "In about half-an-hour. Why do you ask? Just a few minutes ago you were as scared as a chicken on prossesing day!" she softly chuckled at her own joke. Mizu blushed deeply and said, "N-No reason, j-just alittle restless." Kimasha smiled a warm smile at Mizu, "Little Sweet Pea, you don't think I know? I know you have a friend, and I know, for a fact, who." Mizu averted her gaze downward, how'd she find out? And how does she know who? Kimasha smiled, "It's okay Mizu, atleast you have a friend now, and you were worried no one would like you." she smiled and kissed the top of her head. Mizu looked up to see another adult come out of no where! Mizu gasped and hid behind her mother. Kimasha smiled, "Don't worry Mizu-Chan! it's just one of your teachers, Iruka-sensei!" she lloked tward Iruka, "Good morning, Iruka!" she said with a smile. Iruka grinned, "Hello Yonago-san, this must be Mizu-Chan, right?" he asked with a smile. Mizu nodded, "Y-Yes, s-sir." Iruka's smile got bigger, "Well Mizu, I will be happy to have you in my class. Now, may I speak with your mother in private?" Mizu nodded and when aliltte ways away, to look for Sasuke, but really, she was listening.

"Are you sure about this Kimasha?" she heard Iruka say
"Ofcourse why not?" her mother said, "Oh, right."
"I'm only concerned about the childrens safty, you know that."
"I know, but Iruka, it's been eight years now, he won't come, i feel it in my gut!"
"Your probably right, but if you are sure-"
"I am positive!" she heard her mother yell.

What... what are they talking about? Mizu thought, then her mother called her over. "Mizu, have fun toda on your first day, promise?" Mizu nodded, "I will, mommy!" her mother smiled, " I almost forgot," she reached nto her weapon bag and pulled out an aqua hair ribbon, "here, I had it when i started training, i didn't like it, it didn't match mt blue highlights. you can have it now, for your first day, or beyond!" Kimasha tied the ribbon in Mizu's hair. Mizu smiled at her, "Thank you mommy, it's beautiful!" then the bell rang for the lass to begin. Kimasha kissed Mizu's forehead, "Have fun!" Mizu nodded, "Bye, mommy!" and she ran into the building. Begining her first day as a pre-ninja.

Book One: Love and Hate...

Ten years ago, a girl with blonde hair with blue highlights named Kimasha Yonago left the Rain village in search for an adventure. She wanted exitment in her life. She moved in to the Leaf village and met three people, a girl and two men, atleast her age at best. One had dark hair and pale skin, the other had light colored hair and a normal skin tone, the girl had blonde hair and the same complection at the light hair colored man. She fell in love with the dark haired man immediatly.

She was often seen with him while training. The man saw her as a srtong willed, powerful water ninja. He was fond of that. They dated for a few months, and soon, the man poped the question to Kimasha, she had immeadiatly said yes and within a year, the two of them wee married. After another year, the man and Kimasha had a beautiful baby girl. They named her Mizu.

After about six month, the man was always in and out of the house, leaving baby Mizu to Kimasha, but it was alright, it was more "Mother-Daughter" time. One night, Kimasha was preparing dinner before her husband came home and she left Mizu in her high-chair. Just as the pan of rice had cooled down, she turned to see what will haunt her for the rest of her days. Kimasha threw the pan of rice (rice falling alover the place), and as Mizu flew into the air, Kimasha caught her. She put her gently on the floor and surounded her in a water sheild. Kimasha stood ready to fight her spouse, but he was slightly faster. The man grabed her throat and had her pinned against the refrigerator. Kimasha knew it wasn't a game now, Tears started to fall from her forest green eyes. When the man let her go, she fell on her knee's to the manolium tile. she looked at his sinister face, "Why?" she began in a soft voice, "Why are you doing this? SHE IS YOUR OWN DAUGHTER, WHY?!" she yelled and looked at him with hurt, sad, angry eyes. He just laughed a snister laugh and said, "It is... her destiny" he smiled a mercivil grin, " I will have her, Kimasha, She will help me in my plan. Just wait! I will have her." He said the last sentence as he disapeared, never to be seen for a long, long time.


Even after eight years after the truama, Kimasha still watches carefully over her child. Now that she enters the Academy, Mizu will learn alot, but nothing about her past.

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