I itch for the sound of that horn i want to kill want to bring the deadly drill. I figet from the scream of war the call of my sword, the braking sun rise. Cant wait want to kill this war away erace pain with blood of boddies left on a canvise of the war torn contery. Egerly marchign in line never asking why wont stop not to fall out of step i fear. Frunt line put me there as i will chear wizzing bullet pass me bye i want to kill not die. Scream sound that battle cry bring it forth i will not die. "Sound that battle cry" I screamed full charge then nothing.

She has had that same dreem for moths as her eyes awoke from a heavy sleep. "Nothing" softly she spook "Change is far abroke" She wispered getting otu of bed. The cold air brushed up against her thi that was uncovered by her shorts. Creeking her door flowed openly the stairs long ways down. Sounds of saderday cartoons fill the air she laughed abit hearign tom and jerry hitting a wall. "Arnt you a bit old to laugh at that stuff?" Her mother said planly as her 9 year old brother gigoled a bit. "Its of my humeristic catigory like the babies falling into the frigeraters." She grusemly stated her mother shook her head and truned the chanle down to somthign more sutibole for her son. "Afraid of what he would learn?" She asked her mother as she looked to the kitchen to see her steep dad. "Leaving" She said as he turned to look at her. "Where you going?" Her mother asked relising her husband was lookign at her daughter. She steeped in the way of his view "Be back by dinner understand." She sighed rilising this marrage was a horribole mistake