This Man Named Ted

This guy named ted was always in bed,

his heart full of lead,

so soon he would be dead,

because his mother hit him in the head,

there was so much bloodshed,

his mother had so much hate,

because he committed rape,

she hit him hoping he would think striaght,

instead she put him in a temporary state,

he woke up late daze,

to see that the house was set in blaze,

his mother standing there lost in the days,

he grabs her knowing theres no time to delay,

they run out the into the driveway,

saying theres no way,

the whole world could be in disarray,

Ted looks about in doubt,

till his mother once again knocked him out,

but this time without a doubt,

ted was dead,

his body heavy coverd in red,

but why did his mother want him dead?

he raped a girl that was named Lister,

Sadly it turned out to be his sister,

the mother killed her too along with the Mister,

she belived she was doing the right thing,

thats why she detroyed everthing,

now the only thing that doent make sense,

is the fact that the mother never seemed to exists.