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When I ramble, I can go on and on...
All entries will hop from one subject to the other at random moments. Be prepared for a roller coaster of scatterbrained thoughts.
An attachment to something or someone is holding on the belief that a certain thing or person will fulfill you. Attachments keep us alive. They make us strive either to keep what we have or to pursue what we want. But sometimes they can also stick us in never ending circles, never advancing; staying stuck in one place.

I am stuck.

You should have just been an a** and lied to me. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I was always waiting, and was always left behind. Here I am waiting again; stubbornly hoping that things will get better than they are now.

I'm tired of waiting, yet I can't stop.
How much longer?

I have to learn to put my thoughts in order.
My mind is as fast paced and scattered as a lone survivor in a zombie movie. Give me a word and I can immediately think of something seemingly unrelated to it.

Say 'Popcorn,' and in less than a minute the word I'd give you might be 'Spider' or 'Father.'

In the middle of a conversation I'd suddenly remember something I had thought about no less than two days ago. Something I thought subconsciously while watching TV.
I can't even watch TV. My mind goes into lapses and I just stare while thinking of something completely different and so far from the show I'm watching that when I snap back to consciousness I find I've missed the part I was waiting for, AND any memory of what I was thinking about was forgotten.

Often I stumble on my words, I calm myself down before talking to someone or else I'd change subject in the middle of the sentence.

I hate thinking like this.

Sadistically Masochistic
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Sadistically Masochistic
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