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It's a mishmosh.

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Moving Foreward
Spring break is fast approaching, and of course I'm pretty damn excited. There's a lot of anticipation, you know, and I wish everything would move quicker than it is. Time just laughs at everything, I'm sure.

I wonder what it'll be like, if the buildings are really that much different from ours over here or if the air is more gritty. I'm not really sure how many pine trees there even are over there to clean it up, which basically means I'll be out of my element, ah ha. From what I understand there'll be a fair bit of culture shock, but that's something I don't much concern myself with because I'm pretty sure I'll adapt. Then again I've never done anything like this. The farthest I've been from home that I can remember was like, Wisconsin.

And nothing happens in Wisconsin. Other than cheese, anyway.

All this being said though I couldn't care less. Thoughts about people and places don't matter in comparison to the real reason I'm traveling. It's not like I chose Nashville because there's anything in particular there, other than a deeper look at the south eastern half of the US that I'd rather get in Louisiana or some place like that. Besides, I'd just as soon spend all of spring break at home in my room, playing through Banjo Kazooie or getting that extended ending of Kingdom Hearts unlocked. I've done it before. I've never expected to go anywhere, and I never felt shorted when I didn't. I'm just as content in my room as anywhere else usually.

I feel like no matter what happens I'll be able to feel comfortable over there, because I'm not going for the place, or even the people. I'm only going for one reason, and I'm confident when I say that it's all I'll really need. And that one thing I'm going there for is enough to make me feel at home wherever I go. Even without the pine trees. I feel like the minute I get off the plane everything will be wonderful.

Some might worry that my expectations can't possibly live up to the real thing, but I don't. In fact my usual response is just to smile, because I already have most of what I want, which leaves such a simplistic desire. There's no way it could be anything but what I expect unless I somehow find myself completely alone at the airport.


I just want the most base of all things, and that in itself will make happy. Happier than I've ever been. Sometimes I think some people will never understand that.

In my impatience I've written this. From my understanding, it doesn't convey what I'm feeling right now and I'll be damned if it probably doesn't paint a picture opposite of what I wanted. Or make me seem like I'm missing something. But I'm not, I have everything.

Well, not just yet. But I will soon.

Hey. I'll see you at home.

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i have important places to be and it's not dairy queen

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