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The Inside Story
Sphira Continued
Chapter 3

Sylvia was up at the crack of dawn and the only other people up at this hour were the help. She didn't know what she was suppose to do or where she was suppose to go but she figured someone would come sooner or later. She sat down in her new favorite spot in the room, the bench by the window. The cool breeze combed through her short black hair as she watched people going about their work down below. Time went by and soon there was a knock on her door,"Come in!" She didn't even bother to turn around to see who it was just continued looking out the window. "I was hoping you would be up. Its time for breakfast." She turned around smiling a bit at seeing Tamoril standing there looking well rested. She nodded and got up and followed him. The walk to the dinning hall was a silent one. Even though she has talked to him more than the others he still intimidated her. In the dinning hall, he led her to a table a little bit higher up than the others where the rest of the group was and all the way there people stared and whispered. She wanted nothing more than to go back to her room and hide. Finally they sat down and the food was served. Not to long after Ryel spoke just loud enough for their table to hear him."I imagine that you are going to be staying with us Sylvia. Am I right?" She nodded while chewing on a piece of fruit."Thats good because Master Guthrie needs an assistant and I have decided that you would be that assistant. He is a very wise mage and highly respected so mind your manners and do as he instructs." She didn't know what to say so she just nodded again. Being an assistant to a mage might not be so bad, maybe she would learn some magic. "You are to meet him as soon as you are done eatting. Vexonee will escort you to his quarters." Vexonee wasn't at all happy about that but she didn't show it or voice it.

After everyone was done eatting. Vexonee led Sylvia through the winding hallways to Master Guthrie's working quarters at a hasty pace. Sylvia would of loved to look around but she didnt want to anger Vexonee sencing that the beautiful woman in front of her didnt like her very much. A little bit later she was introduced to Master Guthrie who had short wipsy white hair and a clean shaven face. His forest green eyes bore into hers making her fidget and look at the ground. "So you are to be my assisant." his voice boomed through out the room even though he didnt shout or yell. Sylvia looked for Vexonee for help but found that the woman was already gone. Her nervous eyes looked at the master mage not sure what to say and even if she did she doubt she could even talk at the moment. They were both silent for a few moments more until Master Guthrie broke it," I was told by Ryel about you so I doubt you know anything about magic. You can start by helping me clean up this messy place while i work." She nodded meekly and was soon dusting, organizing, and sweeping after being showed where everything was. Days being in the Rozen soon turned into weeks and Sylvia knew how to get around without any help and began to know some of the people there. She soon found out that Master Guthrie was a nice old man and not dangerous and threatening as he first appeared, he even started teaching her about magic. It just so happens that today Master Guthrie had duties outside the Rozen so she was free to roam and she chose to watch Tamoril practice his sword fighting while teaching other young men. She leaned against a woodenfence that was at the edge of the practice field thinking how graceful Tamoril was. He was a two handed-sword fighter, the perfect teacher for teaching how to attack and defend oneself in battle. It was hours before he let the young men stop and rest for lunch. Sweat glistened on his brow almost dripping into his eyes. As he was wipping it away with the back of his hand he noticed Syliva and walked over to her. "What are you doing here?" he didnt sound angery just curious. She blushed like she always did when he spoke to her,"Master Guthrie had some business outside of the Rozen so he told me he wouldnt need me today." Tamoril nodded watching how the wind played with her hair before speaking again,"Why dont you join me for lunch? We havent done that in awhile have we?" She smiled brightly and followed him after he jumped over the fence. High up above Daefor watched and as soon as they were out of site he turned and started the long flight back to his master.

A year went by for everyone before the Seer May made it to Celesia and another day before she arrived at the Rozen. She was a beautiful young woman with fire red hair and red hot eyes. Her skin was smooth as silk and almost as white as snow. Many were awed by her or intimidated. Ryel quickly came from his quarters to greet May then they both disappeared down a hallway to have a private conversation.
"I am glad you are finally here Lady May. Would you like something to drink?" Ryel offered then took a seat behind his desk after she declined. "Very well. Though I have been home for awhile my mind still hasnt rested on where I can find the Fire Stone. I have went-" "You have what you need to find the Fire Stone so do not worry Sir Ryel." Lady May interrupted his soon to be rambelings. "I-I do?" "Yes. It is that girl you found in the woods a year ago." "Sylvia?" Ryel questioned thinking. He did not worry on how she knew about the girl since she was a Seer. "How can she help?" He finally asked after a few minutes of silence. "She doesnt know it yet but she was born from the magic of the Fire Stone. In truth her true form is firey hair and red hot firey eyes. She carries one of the oldest magic around." Shocked Ryel said nothing just staring at Lady May. Who would of ever known something like this could happen. A gentle breeze from an open window brushes against the back of his neck bringing him out of his daze. "She is the Firey Goddess of the Fire Stone from the legends?" Lady May simply nods,"But." "But?" "She wasnt brought to you by accident. That evil demon of a man Hawrthorn brought her here but some of us saw this and redirected where she would be brought in from her world. I have no doubt that he has sent Daefor to come and find her. I feel a dark presence that will soon come to these lands. You and your companions must leave quickly and head towards Sherensa Valley for a start of point. It is the last place anyone has claimed the Fiery Goddess was last before she disappeared." Ryel nodded agreeing. If Hawrthorn was searching for Syliva then it was time to move. They have spent enough time here at the Rozen and he was sure there skills dwidled a bit from lack of use. "I will gather everyone at once and we will set off at before dawn tomorrow." Lady May smiled relieved some. "Before you go I need to tell you a few things." Ryel listened intently as the sky turned from a birght blue, a dusky orange, then black with twinkling white dots.

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