Why must we, the ones who cry,
Hold our heads with pride so high,
Look up into the bright blue sky,
And realize our life's a lie?

The rising sun will eventually set.
The light of day will fade.
The one with whom we made our bets,
Will come to take our souls away.

Why must we, the ones who fight,
Carry on with all our might,
And fight for all we know is right,
When all we want is a peaceful night?

The shining moon will eventually set.
And light of day shall break.
That is when we all shall know,
Love's promises were fake.

Why must we, the ones who mourn,
With spirits broken and glory torn,
Continue to blow our triumphant horn,
Though our hearts are filled with thorns?

The rising sun will forever set.
The moon shall be no more.
And in the dark we all must wonder,
What was our existence for?