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My Rants and Gaia Information!
My Rant on Naruto
Hello, This weeks rant is about NARUTO. I personally LOVE the show. heart But I just love ranting about things I love! sweatdrop So anyways just so you know, Ranting is an annoying thing to most people so please comment as how you feel about my opinion just don't curse and say stuff like that! This is how my ranting goes. Introduction, What is'__'?, then finally the Ranting!

What is 'Naruto'?
The show, Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto is one of the top anime and manga in the USA. But what is the show about, well, read this and you'll find out! whee

The mischievous ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, had been teamed up with Sasuke Uchiha, every girls dream in the Academy, and Sakura Haruno, the pink haired girl in love with sasuke like all the others, and his sensai(teacher) Kakashi Hatake. Naruto is not an ordinary ninja, when he was only a baby, the Hokage(4th) sealed the 9 tailed Fox inside of Naruto. Naruto had been ignored and treated horrible as a child. Team 7 and many of the other teams are assigned Ranked mission and are trained to become Chunin.

Ranks in the Naruto World sad lowest to Highest)
-Academy Student

[[I don't think that ANBU,MIssing-Nin, Medical-nin, ect are in it.,]]

Sasuke Uchiha is a bitter Genin that only cares about his revenge. (Not telling you who) He is adored by many of the girls in the village. I don't want to spoil anything so just watch the anime or read the manga if you haven't already!

Sakura Haruno is the pink haired girl. She thinks that the is the 'third wheel' in parts of the series. She is obsessed with Sasuke just like every other girl in the village. Her rival is Ino, i forgot her last name, the blond in Team 10(aka Team Asuma)

Sorry if it is confusing, I don't really want to spoil some parts of the anime or manga for all who hasn't watch it ye!

The Ranting:

Okay, as I said, I LOVE the show and manga! heart But there are some things that I hate about it!

wahmbulance wahmbulance Some spoil Like Things Ahead! wahmbulance wahmbulance

Okay first, since the plot of the show is some what good, I have to say that they kind of stretch it out a little too much. I understand if they want to make the viewers watch more and more to see what happens but it takes too long! And example is when 3rd Hokage-sama and Oro-sama battled. I kept thinking, "COME ON ALREADY!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM JUST TALK! SOME FLIPPIN ACTION ALREADY!" or "THIS TAKES TOO LONG!! WHY DO THIS TO ME MASASHI KISHIMOTO!! WHY!!" Another example is when Kazekage and Deidara battle each other in the Shippuden!

Secondly, why are there so many HOT characters? i mean like seriously! There is Kalashi, Sasuke, Naruto, shikamaru, Iruka, Gaara( heart ) Kankuro, Choji, Shino, Kiba, Neji, Rock Lee, ect! (In a girls point of view!) Most of the characters are GUYs but I guess that when the call shonen right? But COME ON, WHY DO THE GUYS HAVE TO BEE THAT HOT! I have a picture of Gaara, Naruto, and sasuke hanging up on my wall and I'm thinking, "Dude. Gaara's so awesome" I CAN LIKE SERIOUSLY SEE THE POSTER IN THE DARK!! But anyways, why does Masashi Kishimoto have to create so many awesome and hot characters?

Lastly, what the hell is wrong with Oro-sama? I mean, HES' ABLE TO THROW UP A SWORD OUT OF HIS MOUTH!! I WISH I COULD DO THAT!! He's like Micheal Jackson! Why did he do that with Sasu-kun!! WHY ORO-SAMA WHY!!

The End

Sorry if I got kind of off the whole Rant. Btu watch the show, It's really awesome, in my opinion. If you are the kind of person that likes non fictional stuff, don't diss the show please.

FACT: Most Anti-Naruto fans are only hating the show because they said that it doesn't make sense. One girl said that she started watching it and the changed the channel and then went back and nothing made sense. WELL, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE THING NOT JUST FREAKIN LOOK AT SECTIONS OF THE SHOW! Plus, she didn't start with EPISODE 1! Yuo can't watch and anime on like episode 101 and understand it!

Want me to rant about something? PM me and I'll tell you how I think about! See You All Next time!

[X] DragonFireGirl7

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