The farmers stood impatiently,
British staring down on us,
Sweat is dripping from locks of hair
Anticipation fills the air

Can not bear the pause no more,
The shot was fired,
All around the world it was heard.

Guns are fired,
Death is coming,
British charging, screaming in anger.

The truth is out
War is dreaded,
We must fight to win our rights.

The red coats are here,
Our hopes are fading,
Deaths are teared.

Tired are we,
But a light has come.

Our guns are poor,
But our dreams are rich,
Weak they say,
Weak could be
But hopes are strong
never give up.

The right to live freely,
The right to move west,
Organized are they,
Out numbered are we.

Two rows gone,
Running from British,
Wimps are we,
Never I said!

I wrote this for History class when I was in high school I hope you like it