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My lyfe as of now.
well, considerin dis iz meh 1st entry, i'll talk 2 u as if i waz on youtube. i've been in da mood 2 rite songz lately. i hve good points and im pretty sure abt da subjects da songz will b abt, but da thing iz making up a beat n a rythum(sp?) 2 make a kick a** song. i waz abt 2 say perfect, but i try not 2 use dat word alot. nothingz ever perfect no matter how well composed it iz. anywayz, i'll think of another subject.okay so my crush martin iz gonna come bak 4om lithuania soon. once he comes bak we'll probably hang out again. i just cn't believe dat he likes me bak. hopefully dis turnz out betta dan meh last relationship. u c, i broke up w. devin but 4 sum reason waz still depressed after dat. b/c he told 3very1 in his gym class dat he waz gonna b8k up w/ me b4 da shool yr ended. n dan he started sayin dat i waz gettin really annoyin. i kinda figured considering 4 like 2 wks b4 we broke up, all we would do when we saw each other waz hug and go our seperate wayz. after sum tough thinking and a lot of tearz, i decided 2 let him off da leash. we've been talkin more since we broke up so maybe we broke up 4 da betta. well now meh frnd sarah'z goin out w/ him. anywho, i waz watchin wrestling n got so mad @ CM PUNK 4 saying those thingz 2 jeff hardy! i mean, jeff hardy iz a ledgend. and 4 him 2 bring up his past suspensions n say sumthingz like dat 2 him, itz totaly not kool! my momney iz on jeff 4 da title @ night of Champions. my mom thinkx im nuts b/c 3verytime jeff is in a title match, i alwayz think hez gonna win. he would'e won @ da bash but CM PUNK evil kicked da ref! CM punk used 2 b meh 2nd favorite wrestler but hez ben pissin me off latley. anywho,i bought a new MP3 playa! itz really kool b/c it waz $70 dollarz but i got it 4 $27! izn't dat amazing?
sumtime dis month i'm gonna hve my freshman schedule mailed 2 my howze! it sux b/c most of my frndz r going 2 da older HS while i have 2 go 2 da brand new HS. Here r sum advantages n disadvantages:

Advantages: only freshman n sophmore yrs, brand new, getting away 4om people i hate most, less stress, more getting out of da howze.

Disadvantages: only goin w/ abt 1/8 of my frndz, far 4om home, getting up earlier, making new frndz, possibly dieing mentaly.

i guess goin 2 da new HS isn't so bad but it could b worse. i could change 4om bad people, pretendin 2 b real, or i could start cutting again. bringing up how i used 2 cut brings me 2 tears.
my rents never found out so i guess u could say i stopped by myself. da only people who knew @ da time were my sister, monserratt, tyana, and maybe sum1 else. sumtimes i withdrawl very badly. sumtimez i still hve da need 2 cut but, im pretty cured as far as i no. i used 2 write 3veryday in a spiral. 1 of my best frndz found it n wondered y i worte in it all da time. wondered y i cared abt dat thing more dan anything else. @ da time, i did care abt dat thing, even more dan my lyfe. so 1 day, i asked him 2 do sumthinm 4 me n he snatched my spiral n ran out da front door of da skool buildin. by da time i waz outside, he waz already though 3 pages. so he already new dat i hadn't succeded in cuttin yet. so i snatched it bak n he told me dat he noticed dat he played a big role in my lyfe. n he waz telling da truth. he told me he waz worried abt me, but i covered it up n told him i waz perfectly fine. he wanted 2 shread dat thing so bad.

anywayz, i just got comcast so now i hve on demand! i luv watchin da music videos on there. there iz dis song buy Killswitch engage on there dat i absolutly love! itz called holy diver. u should check it out.
Dudez, i cn't decide on wat i should b when im older......
dat iz sumthing i'll hve 2 get bak w/ u on....
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