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Deatritch's Ranting book
Hello all as you may or may not know this is my first journal entry. If you do not like strong opinions or anti-government and society postings then this journal is not for you.

First you must understand my state of mind as i write this to know why I have finally decided to write this. I have heard at this point of my life i have heard enough psychobabble to last a life time. I was forced to act stupid and play the part of the retard to allow me to pass 8th grade into high school. I think that at this point I must tell you that I am what I would consider intelligent beyond someone of my age. Throughout my life i have asked our society for help to prevent me from becoming that which i fear i shall soon be mad not mad you see as angry but mad as insane i have had almost so much of this world i cannot take it. This world has the attitude that irritates me the "take theses pills while we talk to them " attitude.

As i write this I find it hard to write it in such a way that i can make you understand exactly what my point is, The US, Society as a whole is nothing but a group of rich lords if you will take it. They sit there over you with iron fists and when you start to break away something happens. They will shun all of those who they fear will be stronger or better then they are all in the name of money and power for them this song describes what i say pretty well.

While i am talking of the government i must bring up a question why people? Why would you let yourselves be talked into a war we didnt need against a country who did nothing while the perpetrators where out in the open?
why allow ourselves to be convinced by someone who cheats to win? If we are such an educated and advanced nation why do we need to do war? do you want to know why? ill tell you anyway because our government makes money from war.

Ah i have mentioned money so now i must talk about the medical business. After reading some articles recently i have seen some articles talking of possible treatments for several diseases that would greatly reduce the money the doctors and companies like pfizer make. This Makes the FDA ban there use and make them out of reach. I cannot speak for you but if i could save 200,000 dollars a year by taking cheaper remedies i would as well as if they consider it dangerous if i am going to die anyway i would rather die fighting then just taking delaying drugs.

well i had a lot more to rant about but if figured i would leave that til later

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