happy fourth of july

happy fourth of july, everyone! wooters!!! well, tomorrow's the fourth of july, but i won't be here tomorrow cuz i'm going to Playland! woot!
(>'-')> <('-'&lt wink i can't wait to get there! i just hope there's a parking space left for my family and i. mad D it's gonna be so fun!!! i'm gonna get some cotton candy. it's gonna be awesome!!! and i just might try going on the dragon coaster this year. *shakes* i've never been on it before. my mom was scared to death after she came off of it, but my brother said it was really cool. hmm. . . i think i'll go with my mom's opinion. lolz mad D

and guess what else will be super awesome! i've never been to a ride at night! i'm gonna experience my first night ride. yay!!!!! i can't wait. hehe