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Avatar Art
To anyone who's ordered avatar art:

My power was out the last few days, and was unable to access what the avatars I agreed to looked like. The result? an overflow of requests and no progress. So, I will NOT close my shop, but instead, I will post all requests I am working on right here so I can easily check them and clear my inbox. I'm sorry for the inconveninece, I have one customer who's waited over TWO weeks for theirs now (and thus will get their art for free) so please be patient and I should have all requests byt this friday

Taka - Sensei
Taka - Sensei
If you could do all three of my Original Characters.

It will cost 13.5k all together... I think..?
Plus a tip, 14.5k..?
And if you need the descriptions I will send those in another PM for you. =^^=

Absolutely, I would love to. Send me a description and I will make them, but I will lower the price to 10k.

>: Name: Takara Yamanaki
>: Birthday: February 29 but celebrates it on the 28th
>: Age: 16
>: Gender: Female
>: Height: 5'5"
>: Eye Colour: Dark purple
>: Hair Colour: Black with purple highlights
>: Skin Colour: Ghostly pale
>: Others: She had a purple butterfly tattoo across her stomach with the name Nyoko in the center of it.

>: Style
Takara always holds two silver daggers on either side of her legs. She always wears thick eye-liner and light lip gloss. Her hair is knee-length and is always styled in different forms, but her goggles are always seen. And on her head, she wears dark red goggles that never come off unless she is swimming, taking a shower, sleeping, or anything else....

>: Outfit
This is what her original outfit looks top and bottoms.
These will reference her shoes.

>: Name: Amaya Haru
>: Birthday: July 3
>: Age: 7
>: Gender: Female.
>: Height: 3'9"
>: Eye Colour: Left is blue and right is red.
>: Hair Colour: Dark Red.
>: Skin Colour: Pale.
>: Others: She has freckles lightly across her nose, barely noticeable.

>: Style
Amaya has long hair, so she styles it in many ways, curls and twirls, chopstick holds, twisted crown, up in two pony tails, and more. She has two drawers of hair accessories that she uses to style her hair. From the show Naruto she has two headbands, a Sand one and a Sound.

>: Outfit
This is what her outfit looks like.((Its blue though.))
These will reference her shoes.

>: Name: Ami Haru
>: Birthday: July 3
>: Age: 7
>: Gender: Female.
>: Height: 3'9 1/2"
>: Eye Colour: Left is red and right is blue.
>: Hair Colour: Dark red.
>: Skin Colour: Pale.
>: Others: She has a small black star beside her left eye and freckles lightly across her nose also barely noticeable.

>: Style
Ami has short boy-like hair, so she always spikes it up, or she has it only spiked in the back and swayed to one side.

>: Outfit
Her outfit looks like her sisters, but its red.
These will reference her shoes.

Her and her sister do all the poses together.

♥ Back to back
♥ Hugging a.K.a Glomping
♥ Ear pulling(they are part cat)
♥ Hear no evil, see no evil
♥ Ninja formation(their in all black, only their eyes showing)
((These are just some poses, the two small girls do.))

The price all together? Or separated?
And hm.. If I can get four pictures. ((One with all of them, doing whatever.))

Thank you~ =^^=

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I just want to buy some art.
Full body of this avi please.
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To a vampire, dark was much like light, in the sense they could tell time by it. For example, where a human could look outside and see the early sky and know it was no later than ten, or thcould feel the sun beating down and know it was noon, a vampire could distinguish phases of night. Just as there was morning, noon, afternoon, and evening, a vampire had evening, midmoon (or midnight pending on the moon's status), Kazir (early morning), and sunrise.

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